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Traveling violation

Date: 2022-Dec-08           Author: Barry Shatzman

Donít get me wrong... Iím happy that Brittney Griner is out of Russia. She did not deserve her ordeal there and was used only as a pawn to exchange for a queen.

But I canít ignore the fact that the cost was releasing a major international arms dealer back into the wild.

Ok... so itís not like the weapons he was convicted of trying to sell could have been used to kill Americans.

Oh wait... they would have been.

At least he wasnít widely referred to as some merchant of death.

Oh wait... he actually was called THE Merchant-o-Death.

So i know youíre doing the happy dance for Britt... but i got me a few questions for you at the next TV timeout...

What if this unrehabilitated fellow goes back to his old business rather than becoming a Starbucks barista? How many people - American or otherwise - will need to get blown up before you become slightly less enamored?

And riddle me this... letís say it was Donald Trump who gave his pal Vlad his favorite arms dealer back in exchange for a celebrity you never even heard of until shit went down.

Would you be singing his negotiating praises rather than Joe Bidenís? If so, then go right ahead and call me Mr. Grumpy. Otherwise, iím calling another traveling violation.

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