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Don't rub it the wrong way

Date: 2020-Jan-15           Author: Barry Shatzman

O.M.G.! Did you see Warren apparently snub Sanders last night? Apparently it was a real tiff.

Stop the presses? Please don't. It's not only meaningless, but it was manufactured by CNN, who asked the question to fuel THEIR story on what Sanders said or didn't say to Warren a few years ago.

They sure made it seem important, but is it as important as making sure that Donald Trump doesn't get 4 more years to cede territory to Russia and make foreign policy decisions that further enrich Russian oligarchs? To promote white supremacy, racism, and other hatred? To direct our tax dollars to his private businesses? To destroy our health care? To destroy our education system? To destroy our country's middle class while making sure the richest get even ridiculously richer? To destroy your planet?

You don't like Warren's policies as much as Klobuchar's? You don't like Biden's policies as much as Sanders'? Talk all you want about it! Of course you wanna pick a candidate who'd promote the best policies for the overwhelming majority of Americans. This is what primaries are for and it's what we NEED to be discussing.

But with every syllable you spend whining about Pete Buttigieg's wine, Michael Bloomberg's billions, or whether Sanders is a "real Democrat", you're doing EXACTLY what it takes to give Trump free reign to turn our democracy into a dictatorship.

And with every threat - real or not - you make to never vote for any one of these candidates, you're doing the same thing.

But hey... i can't stop you. Go ahead and try to rub out whoever doesn't float your little man in the boat.

But unless you're as stupid as your memes proclaim Trump to be, don't pretend that you don't know EXACTLY what you're helping accomplish.

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