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You can unpick your friends

Date: 2018-Nov-28           Author: Barry Shatzman


It's probably because you unfriended me because i...

o Challenged your favorite political personality
o Advised you that your "facts" are bogus unless you can point to a source
o Called you out on something bigoted you said
o Deleted one of your comments because it was completely off-topic
o Requested you not engage in personal attacks or rant uncontrollably

Hey... i'm not kidding. These are actual things people of all political persuasions have unfriended me for. One told me before the 2016 election it's so important that Trump loses, she had to unfriend me because I said Hillary Clinton's gender isn't the reason i'd vote for her.

I guess it's a compliment she thought me to be that powerful, and on such an influential Facebook page as hers. Because if she doesn't see me say it on her page, what're the odds i'd say it on someone else's? (Before you answer, consider the fact that i just said it here).

Seems they only want to hear from others who'll confirm their particular beliefs. So how effective is that? Well... considering i voted for the person about half of the unfrienders wanted me to vote for... i'm going with not very.

But i can't ask how that turned out for them (they unfriended me, remember?).

Maybe one day they'll send me another friend request. I just hope they wait until they're confident in their own ideas so they can teach me why they're right, rather than try to outshout me or stick their fingers in their ears. Or if not, be willing to just listen and learn.

Or they can miss out on having me look at the dinner they ordered last night.

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