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Honoring those who honor us

Date: 2021-Nov-11           Author: Barry Shatzman

Veterans Day is personal to me because my son and his wife both are in the armed forces. And my dad was too. It missed my generation... but after witnessing Vietnam it was pretty clear that i was having none of that. Had the draft not ended before my 18th birthday, i'd be a citizen of a country that actually provides healthcare to every one of its citizens.

But i've been learning from my son since day one, and one thing i learned from him about the military was that it's about the individuals in it. They're people like you and me, but every one of my son's colleagues i've met has been among the best people i've known. Outside of work they help each other with pretty much anything anyone needs.

And whether it's dinners, game nights, hockey games, giving a ride, train trips to a Korean city, or catsitting... they've made me feel like one of them - like i was wearing a name tag that says "Big Shatzman".

In turn, whenever i encounter someone in uniform, they have my complete respect knowing they have a job that demands more of their lives than most of us, and still manage to hold the door open for you any time they walk through it in front of you.

So i just want to express my appreciation to those who are active duty in the military We may honor you today, but you honor the rest of us every day of the year.

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