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Want to stop voter suppression? Vote.

Date: 2020-Oct-19           Author: Barry Shatzman

My son is in the U.S. military. I talked with him last night and he mentioned some of his military friends aren't bothering to vote because they don't think their vote would count anyway.

So... if you're wondering whether Donald Trump's and Republicans' attempts to denigrate the USPS and the voting process itself are working... there's your proof.

They want to discourage you from voting by convincing you it's not worth your effort.

Along with reducing polling opportunities in typically Democratic areas, voter ID requirements, felon disenfranchisement, purging registrations, provisional ballots, fighting the Voting Rights Act, and lately naked intimidation, it's just another form of voter suppression.

They even kept the Federal Election Commission from operating.

But look at this...

This is exactly how voting should work. And guess what... it does.

And think about it. If you aren't voting because you think elections don't work, you've already given up on the basis of our democracy. Is that really how you want to live?

So here's the thing... in spite of all those attempts to suppress your vote... if you vote, your vote will count. Read that again... YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT IF YOU VOTE.

If you care about whether the president on Jan. 20 is Donald Trump or Joe Biden, then vote. In case i neglected to mention this before... your vote will count.

One more thing... In case you're wondering why i said it's Republicans who don't want you to vote, it's because it's Republicans who don't want you to vote. Don't believe me? Listen to this Republican. Or this Republican.

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