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Get off your parents' couch

Date: 2018-Jun-15           Author: Barry Shatzman

Did you notice how quickly a murderous dictator in North Korea became a good guy, while Canada's prime minister and even our own FBI became our mortal enemies?

The lesson is don't ever doubt the power of media. But it brings up an interesting question about the ultimate fate of media....

Which is inherently more powerful? Organizations like Fox because aren't constrained by the truth? Or organizations like News in FiVe because they are?

The real fake media definitely will win some of the early rounds. They're like the bad guys in pro wrestling - wielding the illegal foreign objects and knowing how to distract the referee while their tag-team partner sneaks in unnoticed. Of course everyone but the ref sees it, but as the Arabic saying goes... "The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on."

But this is a 15-rounder. And remember how Muhammad Ali survived that blinding attempt by Sonny Liston or the pounding against the ropes by George Foreman?

Here's a better explanation. Argue with that teenage boy sitting on his parents' couch playing World of Warcraft that his world is fake, and he'll gladly argue that his reality is as real as yours. And his is better. He can control it, and he doesn't need to save for a teenager of his own. Give that round to the challenger.

But one day, the parents will sell the house to go live in an RV. Or lose it to bad health. And suddenly, the only reality left is the one constrained by... well... reality.

I'm not claiming to know what the outcome will be. The bogus reality certainly can do enough damage early on, or even deliver a quick knockout with one small finger's push of a button.

But here's what i do know. Just like Ali... if you know you have the better tools... trust them and hone them. And never be afraid to use them.

It's no different with facts. So get off your parents' couch and get to reading.

One more thing...

I'm sure some of you are questioning my assertion that Fox makes stuff up (a nice phrase for "they lie"). Again.. advantage facts... because we can compare what they say to the actual evidence. You don't have to look very far.

In fact, you don't even need to look any further than Fox itself.
Warning... this video shows orgasms (both real and fake)

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