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Assault on Regulations

Last Updated:2017-Jun-20
Principal Writer:Barry Shatzman

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2017 (HR-10)

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These bills value political expediency over expertise

Major regulations typically come to fruition after years of study by experts and a public comment period in which the general public (including those affected) can provide information that the issuing agency is required to review.

Bills such as these would trivialize this process by allowing members of Congress - who lack the expertise of agencies and who are subject to the suggestions of industry lobbyists - to nullify a vast amount of science-based work in favor of political expediency.

These bills would cripple most protections

If any of the four early bills pass - especially the REINS Act and the Regulatory Accountability Act - the government's ability to meaningfully protect its citizens from hazards such as pollution, unsafe products, and deceptive business practices will virtually cease to exist.

Because these bills are re-introduced in the Financial CHOICE Act - which also explicitly revokes current protections - we consider that bill even more threatening to the welfare of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

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