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Can I share News in FiVe content?

You can link to any of our content. Most of our content, however, is available to subscribers only. The link will be useful only for pages that are unlocked and to News in FiVe subscribers.

What about republishing?

Only with our express permission.

From time to time we may republish all or part of works by others not affiliated with News in FiVe. When we do that, we comply with their copyright rules. We have no say in whether you can republish that work. Even if you found the work on our website, you would need to resolve the question with the copyright owner.

Are there requirements?

If we do allow you to republish one of our stories, you must attribute the story to News in FiVe. You also must provide a link to the original story on NewsInFiVe.com.

You may not change the story in any significant way without our approval. (You may reformat it - such as to conform to AP Style)