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IRS Funding

Last Updated:2015-Apr-15
Principal Writer:Barry Shatzman

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Gov Services: Internal Revenue Service

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Appropriations, 2015

2014 (HR-83)


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What does the IRS budget look like?

This chart shows IRS funding since 2010...

The 2015 funding was appropriated in the 2014 bill referred to as the Cromnibus

White House requested an increase in IRS funding

President Obama had requested that Congress allocate $12.4 billion to the IRS for 2015.

The 113th Senate considering allocating $11.5 billion to the IRS for 2015.

House bill would have reduced funding, crippled ACA

In July, 2014 the House of Representatives passed HR-5016, a general appropriations bill that would appropriate less than $11 billion to the IRS.

The bill would have...

o Prevented the IRS from enforcing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's individual insurance mandate.

o Prevented the Department of Health and Human Services from transferring money to the IRS to help implement the Affordable Care Act.

Though HR-5016 passed the House of Representatives, it did not come up for a vote in the Senate. It expired in Jan 2015 when the 114th Congress began.

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