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Make Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness Act

Bill Number: HR-1711

Disposition: 2019-Jan-02
Failed to pass House

The bill will not become law.

Full title...
A bill to require the disclosure of certain visitor access records.

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Sponsor & Key Contributors
Mike Quigley (House)
Tom Udall (Senate)

Related Issues...
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Ways this bill is referred to

This bill is referred to as the MAR-A-LAGO (acronym for Make Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness) Act.

Mar-A-Lago is the name of the Florida resort owned by President Donald Trump, where he has spent a large amount of time conducting official business of the United States.

There is a companion bill in the Senate - S-721.

Bill Summary

This bill would require the president to disclose the names of visitors to the White House and other places that the president regularly conducts official U.S. business.

Situations that would cause concerns regarding personal privacy, law enforcement, and national security would have less stringent requirements.

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For more, read this Mother Jones story and The Independent story.


This bill expired when the 115th Congress ended in Jan. 2019.

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