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Microbead-Free Waters Act

Bill Number: HR-1321

Public Law Number: 114-114

Disposition: 2015-Dec-28
Enacted - Signed by the President

Once the president signs a bill, it becomes a law.

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An act to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to prohibit the manufacture and introduction or delivery for introduction into interstate commerce of rinse-off cosmetics containing intentionally-added plastic microbeads.

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Sponsor & Key Contributors
Frank Pallone, Jr

What this bill does

The bill bans plastic microbeads in non-prescription "rinse-off cosmetics".

For these products, manufacturing with microbeads was prohibited starting in July, 2017. They are prohibited from interstate commerce starting in July, 2018. For products that are considered over-the-counter drugs, the bans are delayed for a year.

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