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We encourage reasoned discussions that involve relevant facts, critical thinking, and mutual respect.

Please help us by ensuring your comments adhere to these guidelines.

Stick to the topic

Yes, situations are complicated and there are many related areas. But we don't need to solve them all in the same discussion.

Are you adding information or telling us how you feel?

Please understand the difference.

The first is welcome. As for the second, that's what elections are for (or tell it to your representative since that's the person who actually can do something about it).

Corollary 1: If you agree with something we say on our Facebook page, simply "LIKE" it. Adding comments such as "I agree" take up space while adding nothing to anyone's knowledge.

Corollary 2: If you disagree with something we say, please point out any relevant facts we omitted or stated incorrectly. If you simply don't like it, you would be best served communicating that to your elected representative.

No name-calling

No name-calling or ad-hominem attacks. Also avoid a tit-for-tat argument. If the discussion is about what some person did or didn't do, comparing it to what another person did or didn't do usually doesn't add to anyone's understanding of the action.

A good rule about commenting on a person is to keep that comment about something that person did... rather than trying to label them for what you think they are.

Keep your comments brief

Avoid getting into a back-and-forth. Have your say and make room for the next person to have theirs. You can't be both first and last. Want the last word? Wait till everyone else has commented.

Corollary: Don't monopolize the discussion. You don't have to reply to every comment made by others. Really... you don't.

Comments that don't conform to these rules may be deleted

If that happens, understand it has nothing to do with your position (or you personally). If you know why it was removed, feel free to change it and resubmit it.

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