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Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP)


Air Traffic Control

Each day, almost 100,000 airplanes fly in the skies over the United States. Air traffic controllers work at airports and en-route centers to keep them all a safe distance from each other.

At U.S. airports air traffic controllers also control all ground traffic at airports to keep runways and planes that are taxiing safe.

Airport and Airway Trust Fund (AATF)

A government fund that pays for approximately 70 percent of the Federal Aviation Administration's annual budget (the rest comes from the General Fund).

The AATF gets its money from taxes charged to airlines and passengers, including...

o Taxes on airline tickets (the largest contributor)

o Taxes on international arrivals and departures

o Taxes on air cargo

o Taxes on flights between the U.S. mainland and Alaska or Hawaii

o Taxes on fuel


Common name for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (NRPC). Amtrak is the nation's passenger rail service. It was formed in 1970 by combining 20 of the then 26 intercity passenger rail systems. It is a for-profit corporation, though it receives federal funding and is regulated by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

Code Sharing

A practice by the airline industry in which the national airline you buy a ticket for might shift you to a smaller regional airline.

The practice is called code sharing because the regional airline uses the major airline's two-letter flight designator code (as well as the major airline's logos and uniforms).

HIghway Trust Fund

A federal government fund that pays for approximately half of U.S. transportation projects, including roads, and bridges. It also helps pay to maintain public transportation systems. It was created in 1956 by the Federal-Aid Highway Act.

Most of the money for the Highway Trust Fund comes from a tax on each gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel.

For more on the Highway Trust Fund, see our discusion.

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