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In general, a bot is a computer program that performs simple repetitive tasks at a much faster rate than a human could. It is derived from the word robot.

Lobby99 has discussed bots in terms of those that are used by ticket brokers to buy up large amounts of tickets to an event - often within minutes of the tickets going on sale. The broker then will resell the tickets for a profit.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

A company that provides you with access to the internet. This might be an independent service or the company that provides you with cable or satellite television or cell phone service.

Referenced by...
FCC allows internet providers to control content (2017-Dec-15)

Net Neutrality

In simplest terms, net neutrality is your ability to reach any online service you want without interference from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) being used.

Under net neutrality, all internet traffic is transmitted to you the exact same way. An ISP cannot favor any particular service or website.

For example, under net neutrality....

o If an ISP owns a news or entertainment service, it cannot provide that service at a faster speed or greater priority than any other service.

o An ISP cannot sell faster transmission (which in turn would make those that don't pay slower and less competitive).

o An ISP cannot block or slow down a competitor's content.

o An ISP cannot block content that might criticize the ISP or that doesn't conform to its political leanings.

This guarantees consumers access to all content regardless of where they are or what ISP they choose.

Referenced by...
FCC allows internet providers to control content (2017-Dec-15)





Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Technology that allows someone to communicate over the internet - which is public - as if they were using a private network.

This allows their communications to be encrypted, as well as masking their internet identity.

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