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Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)

A movement to boycott companies in Israeli settlements in areas claimed by Palestinians or who have contracts with the Israeli military.

Several states have proposed or enacted legislation (in various forms) against the movement, from condemning it to prohibiting the state from doing business with companies who observe the boycott.

These states include...

o Alabama
o Arizona
o California
o Colorado
o Florida
o Georgia
o Illinois
o Indiana
o Iowa
o New Jersey
o New York
o Ohio
o Pennsylvania
o South Carolina
o Tennessee
o Virginia

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has issued a strong policy statement against the movement - supporting those state governments' efforts to oppose it.

Britain: MI-6

The British foreign intelligence agency (MI stands for Military Intelligence). The official name of MI6 is the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

Burisma Holdings


China: Zhongxing Telecommunications Equipment (ZTE)

One of two Chinese telecommunications companies (the other is Huawei).

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Cuba: People-to-People

A way for individuals to plan their own trips to Cuba.

Even after President Barack Obama legalized travel to Cuba in 2015, travel for tourism still was prohibited. But an U.S. citizen can plan people-to-people visits - ostensibly to learn about Cuban life and discuss American life with Cubans. Though there is an expectation that the traveler would keep logs of their business activities and who they talk with there, there is no indication that this requirement would be enforced.

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Cuba: Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy

1995 agreement with Cuba that allowed Cuban refugees who reached the United States to become permanent residents. Cubans caught in U.S. territorial waters before reaching the U.S. shore were returned to Cuba or to a third country. President Barack Obama ended the policy in 2017.

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Part of the government in Lebanon. It is considered by the U.S. to be a terror organization


Scandal during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

The mechanics of the illegal actions are complex, but this summary will be enough for our purposes...

o Reagan wanted to fund a pro-U.S. force (Contras) attempting to take over the government of Nicaragua, but Congress had disallowed it.

o Meanwhile, the Reagan administration had begun selling weapons to Iran. That also was unlawful due to an arms embargo against Iran.

o The administration then diverted proceeds of the Iran arms sale to fund the Contras.

The affair often is referred to as trading arms for hostages, because Reagan initially justified the arms sales as part of a bargain to free seven American hostages being held in Lebanon. However, evidence later showed that the arms sales began before the hostages were even taken.

It is not known how much Reagan actually knew about the program.

Fourteen Reagan administration officials were indicted. Those who were indicted or whose convictions were not overturned on appeal were pardoned in the final days of the presidency of George H.W. Bush.

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Ukraine's state-owned national oil and gas company.



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