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NewsInFive was founded by three accomplished journalists with more than 75 years of combined experience.

They share a passion for making news relevent, understandable, and accessible.


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Our Executive Team

Barry Shatzman

Lobby99 Director
News in FiVe Chief

Barry Shatzman is a reporter and editor who created News in FiVe. He previously founded - an online local information and news service that operated in California's Bay Area and soon will be a feature of News in FiVe.

Before launching Newbor, Barry wrote for The Argus in Fremont, California. He has won awards for his reporting, including a James Madison Freedom of Information Award in 2006.

Prior to taking up journalism as a career in 2002, Barry had a successful career as a database consultant, designing databases for companies as large as the U.S. Postal Service and as small as startups with fewer than 20 people.

Rob Dennis

Lobby99 Director
News Director

Rob Dennis was an award-winning reporter for the Oakland Tribune and has served as a local city editor.

Rob also produces documentary films, including the award-winning Beyond The Wall - which shows what life in Germany has been like since the fall of the Berlin Wall - and Under the Hood, about life in Belarus.

Bill Parks

Lobby99 Director
Consulting Editor

Bill Parks teaches journalism at Ohlone College in Fremont, California. A former reporter, Bill has edited both newspapers and magazines, and is a director of the San Francisco Press Club.