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Sheldon Whitehouse


Rhode Island

Party: Democratic

Service Start: 2007 End: 2025

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Environment and Public Works

Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions


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Sheldon Whitehouse in the news

2018-Nov-19Senators sue to reverse Trump's AG appointment

Bills sponsored or contributed to

Votes on bills we've discussed

2017-Feb-01 Senate VoteDisapproving the Stream Protection Rule (HJRes-38)Vote: No
2013-Nov-07 Senate VoteEmployment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) (S-815)Vote: Yes
2013-Jan-01 Senate VoteAmerican Taxpayer Relief Act (HR-8)Vote: Yes
2010-Mar-16 Senate VoteTax Relief, Unemployment Insurance (HR-4853)Vote: Yes
2009-Dec-24 Senate VotePatient Protection & Affordable Care Act (HR-3590)Vote: Yes