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Reasserting American Leadership in Space Act

Bill Number: HR-870

Disposition: 2019-Jan-02
Failed to pass House

The bill will not become law.

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A bill to direct the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to plan to return to the Moon and develop a sustained human presence on the Moon.

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Sponsor & Key Contributors
Bill Posey

Other names for this bill

This bill is referred to as the REAL (REasserting American Leadership in) Space Act.

A sustained presence on the Moon

This bill calls for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to work toward returning a man to the Moon and developing a sustained human presence.

The bill lists reasons we might wanna do this

The bill states that a sustained presence on the moon would...

o Enhance research on sustaining life on another celestial body

o Motivate young people to study more math and science

o Create commercial opportunities

o Improve national security


This bill expired when the 115th Congress ended in Jan. 2019.

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