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Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)

Bill NumberHR-624

Passed House, Failed in Senate

Read the Bill (Reading difficulty: Hard)

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Other names for this bill...

This bill typically is referred to by the acronym for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act - CISPA (pronounced sis-pa).

Major provisions of this bill...

This bill would make companies immune from lawsuits for sharing the personal information of customers and users with the federal government. Although the bill limits the permissible information to anything related to cybersecurity, the definition is broad.

It also allows the government to share that information with companies. Once that information is shared, the bill provides no restrictions on how it can be used by the receiving company.

History of CISPA

This bill is a re-introduction of the CISPA bill that the House of Representatives passed in 2012. It failed to pass the Senate.

More information

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