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National Voter Registration Act

Bill Number: HR-2

Disposition: 1993-May-20
Enacted - Signed by the President

Once the president signs a bill, it becomes a law.

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An act to establish national voter registration procedures for Federal elections, and for other purposes

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Sponsor & Key Contributors
Allan Swift

Other names for this bill...

This bill is commonly called the Motor Voter Act, because it provided for voter registration when applying for or renewing a driver's license.

It also is referred to by its acronym - NVRA.

This bill makes it easier to register to vote

This purpose of this bill was increase voter turnout by making it easier for people to register to vote.

It allows voters to register on the same form as applying for a driver's license, or when applying for social services. It also provides for registration by mail using a nationally available post card.

Your voter registration is more secure

The bill also specifies strict conditions required for a state to remove someone from its list of eligible voters.

Valid reasons to remove a voter include:

o The voter requests it.

o The voter has died.

o Mental incapacity or a criminal conviction (depending on the state's laws).

o Change of residence to outside the registrar's jurisdiction.

Additional information

For more on the voting situation prior to the 1993 National Voter Registration Act and why it was enacted, read this article in The Nation.

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