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Resources outside of News in FiVe, including news sources and services provided by the government.

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Consumer Resources
Annual Credit Report
Each of the three main credit reporting agencies is required to provide you with a free credit report each year. There are sites that make it easy, but they impose conditions such as signing up for a free trial membership (which requires a credit card). Forget to cancel the trial membership, and your card will be charged.

This is the only site authorized by the federal government that will provide this service completely free, with no conditions.
Center for Responsible Lending
Learn about financial products and fraudulent practices.
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Learn about safety issues and recalls of products you use.
FCC Consumer Complaints
File complaints about your phone or internet service - including unwanted marketing calls and text messages.
FTC Consumer Information
A wide range of helpful information from personal finance to privacy to how to identify and deal with various scams and crimes.
National Motor Vehicle Title Information System
The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System is a program administered by the Department of Justice that allows consumers and law enforcement to track the history of a car.

If you're buying a used car, how can you tell if the odometer has been altered? If the car has been in a flood? Or stolen? NMVTIS can tell you (there is a small fee).

The system also helps law enforcement agencies detect stolen cars.
Look up recall information about your car
Terms of Service
To use virtually any online service you need to agree to its Terms of Service. But reading them all would take years. This site summarizes what you're blindly agreeing to for many popular services.