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Foreign Influence
2019-Oct-102019-Nov-04Trump associates charged with campaign violations
2019-Sep-27 In 2017 Trump told Russians interference doesn't concern him
2019-Sep-262019-Sep-29Whistleblower: Trump is soliciting foreign election interference
2019-Sep-232019-Sep-25Trump pressured Ukranian president to investigate Biden
2019-Jan-282020-Feb-20Stone indictment shows Trump campaign collusion - again
2019-Jan-14 Trump hid details about Putin meetings
2019-Jan-09 Court filing reveals Trump campaign collusion with Russians
2018-Dec-10 Sanctioned countries hiring lobbyists tied to Trump
2018-Nov-292018-Nov-30Lawyer: Trump offered Putin $50M penthouse in Moscow tower
2018-Nov-28 Manafort provided inside info to Trump on Mueller probe
2018-Oct-192018-Oct-29Russian charged with interfering in 2018 elections
2018-Sep-07 Trump adviser Papadopoulos to serve time in Russia probe
2018-Jul-30 Did Putin say he ordered U.S. election interference?
2018-Jul-182018-Jul-25Russian with ties to NRA, Kremlin charged as foreign agent
2018-Jul-16 Trump meets Putin privately under shadow of indictments
2018-Feb-22 Indictment: American demonstrators duped by Russians
2018-Jan-16 Trump 2017 real estate profit mostly from secretive buyers
2018-Jan-11 Testimony further debunks Trump dossier narrative
2017-Dec-01 Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI, may testify against Trump
2017-Oct-30 Campaign aide told Trump about Russian connections
2017-Oct-30 Former Trump campaign aides indicted for Ukraine deals
2017-Aug-292017-Aug-31Trump attorney asked for Kremlin help on deal
2017-Jul-102017-Aug-29Trump's son met to get Russian government info on Clinton
2017-May-152017-May-22Trump discloses classified Israeli intelligence to Russia
2017-Apr-25 White House refuses Congress' request for Flynn documents
2017-Apr-062017-Jul-14Kushner omits Russian meetings on clearance application
2017-Mar-22 Paul Manafort proposed influence plan to Russia 10 years ago
2017-Feb-14 Trump campaign aides had year-long contact with Russia
2017-Feb-132017-Feb-14Nat'l Security Adviser Flynn resigns - what we know
2017-Jan-06 U.S. Intel - Russia tried to influence election