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Gov: Presidential Appointments
2020-Dec-15 Attorney General Barr resigns
2020-Nov-092020-Nov-16Trump overhauls Defense leadership after election loss
2020-May-152020-Jul-25Trump fires IG investigating Saudi arms sales
2019-Aug-15 New intel director after mandated replacement resigns
2019-Aug-012019-Aug-02Intel head resigns. Nominee tried to derail Russia inquiry
2019-Jul-12 Labor Sec. Acosta resigns. Replacement fought worker rights
2019-Jun-182019-Jul-25Former defense lobbyist Esper confirmed as DoD Secretary
2019-May-16 Trump court nominees won't discuss landmark decision
2019-Jan-16 Trump judge pick says intoxication can nullify rape
2019-Jan-142019-Feb-14Atty General nominee hard-line, but says Mueller can continue
2019-Jan-02 Interior's Zinke resigns. Replaced by oil lobbyist
2019-Jan-01 DoD: Mattis leaves. Replacement has little military experience
2018-Nov-19 Senators sue to reverse Trump's AG appointment
2018-Nov-08 Sessions fired - Replacement may be illegal appointment
2018-Oct-09 Nikki Haley to resign as UN Ambassador
2018-Jul-062018-Jul-09Scott Pruitt leaves legacy of graft, undermining EPA
2017-Nov-272018-Jan-10Who is head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?
2017-Nov-13 Federal judge nominee has conflicts of interest, little experience
2017-Nov-132018-Jan-24Senate confirms former Eli Lilly exec to head HHS
2017-Sep-29 HHS Secretary Tom Price resigns
2017-Aug-03 Senate will prevent Trump appointments while on break
2017-Jul-19 Trump cabinet members to speak at ALEC event
2017-Jun-07 FBI nominee has ties to Christie, Russia
2017-May-092017-May-10Trump fires FBI director leading probe against him
2017-Feb-162017-Apr-27Senate confirms Alexander Acosta for Secretary of Labor
2017-Feb-15 Andrew Puzder withdraws from Labor Secretary consideration
2017-Jan-23 New FCC chair opposes net neutrality, supports media mergers
2017-Jan-192017-Apr-24Senate confirms Sonny Perdue for Secretary of Agriculture
2017-Jan-112017-Feb-13Senate confirms David Shulkin for Secretary of Veterans Affairs
2017-Jan-07 Ethics office concerned over rapid confirmation hearings
2017-Jan-042017-May-02Senate confirms Jay Clayton to head SEC
2017-Jan-032017-May-11Senate confirms Robert Lighthizer for U.S. Trade Rep.
2016-Dec-162017-Feb-16Senate confirms Rep. Mick Mulvaney to direct OMB
2016-Dec-152017-Mar-01Senate confirms Rep. Ryan Zinke for Secretary of Interior
2016-Dec-132017-Mar-02Senate confirms Rick Perry for Energy Secretary
2016-Dec-122018-Mar-13Trump fires Sec. of State Tillerson
2016-Dec-092017-Feb-14Senate confirms Linda McMahon to direct SBA
2016-Dec-08 Trump nominates Andrew Puzder for Labor secretary
2016-Dec-072017-Feb-17Senate confirms Scott Pruitt to head EPA
2016-Dec-072017-Jan-20Senate confirms John Kelly for Homeland Security
2016-Dec-052017-Mar-02Senate confirms Ben Carson for HUD secretary
2016-Dec-012017-Jan-20Senate confirms James Mattis for Defense Secretary
2016-Nov-302017-Feb-13Senate confirms Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary
2016-Nov-292017-Jan-31Senate confirms Elaine Chao for Transportation Secretary
2016-Nov-282017-Feb-10Senate confirms Rep. Tom Price for HHS
2016-Nov-232017-Jan-24Senate confirms Nikki Haley for U.N. Ambassador
2016-Nov-232017-Feb-07Senate confirms Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary
2016-Nov-182017-Feb-08Senate confirms Sen. Jeff Sessions for Atty General
2016-Nov-172017-Feb-27Senate confirms Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary
2016-Nov-13 Trump picks Reince Priebus to be his Chief of Staff
2015-Apr-24 Senate confirms Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General
2015-Feb-12 Senate confirms Ashton Carter as Defense Secretary
2014-Dec-05 Obama nominates Ashton Carter for Defense Secretary
2014-Nov-24 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigns
2014-Nov-08 Obama nominates Loretta Lynch for Attorney General
2014-Sep-25 Attorney General Eric Holder announces resignation
2014-Jun-26 Supreme Court: Obama recess appointments are unconstitutional
2013-Feb-27 Senate confirms Hagel as Secretary of Defense
2013-Feb-15 Republican senators filibuster Hagel nomination
2013-Jan-25 Court overturns Obama recess appointments