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Donald Trump

Updated: 2020-Mar-27

Issues directly related to former President Donald Trump

News and Updates

Foreign Influence
Gov: Executive Branch
Gov: Presidential Appointments
President: Donald Trump

Issues and Discussions

Trump's Enrichment
Donald Trump's travel and protection is costing taxpayers much more than any other president. And much of the money is going right into Trump's bank account.

Donald Trump Presidency
We keep tabs on the tone set by President Donald Trump, and on what he does that likely will affect most Americans. And we explain those effects.

Trump Impeachment 1
The inquiry by the House of Representatives into whether to impeach President Donald Trump

Mueller's Indictments
Indictments from Mueller's investigation

Trump Campaign Russian Timeline
From the launch of Donald Trump's presidential campaign until he took office, at least 14 members of Trump's inner circle and Trump himself had contacts with at least 20 Russian officials or others connected to the Kremlin.

This is a timeline of those contacts and other actions.

Russians' Secretive Deals with Donald Trump
Several Russians and others accused of money laundering have purchased millions of dollars of condos in Trump SoHo - the luxury hotel managed by President Donald Trump's company.

Trump's Ties to Russia
Did the Trump campaign collaborate with Russia in its attempt to influence the presidential election? Could Trump's (and his associates') close ties with Russia influence actions he takes on behalf of the United States? The answers aren't in yet, but we describe the intimate connections that are known.

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