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Health Care

Updated: 2021-Jun-17

Health care policy determines the rules for how we obtain our health care.

For example...

o Do we just pay doctors and hospitals ourselves?
o Are there limits to what insurance companies can charge us?
o Who does the government provide insurance for?
o Would you be helped or hurt if the government provided your insurance?

At the end of the day, what matters is the care you receive and how much you pay for it. We discuss several issues related to your health care.

This short video provides a perspective that will help you understand health care policy discussions...

Click here for larger version

News and Updates

Health Care Policy

Issues and Discussions

ObamaCare: What you should know
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act made insurance available to millions of Americans for whom insurance previously had been out of reach. But there may be actions you need to take. We explain the law's relationship to you.

Sabotaging Obamacare
What is the status of our current health care policy - in light of President Trump's and Republicans' stated intent to repeal it?

Health Care for All Americans
Get the care you need? Choose any doctor? Pay less than you do now? Every other country does it.

Understanding Health Care Policy
Affects how much you pay for health care, and what you get for the money

Repealing (and Replacing?) Obamacare
Republicans have been trying to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as our national health care policy. But what would they replace it with? We explain recent attempts - so you can understand what effects a public health care policy can have.

Obamacare Work Week
What happens if million workers lose health insurance? You pay instead of their employer.

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