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Discrimination: Racial

Last Updated:2016-Dec-08
Principal Writer:Barry Shatzman

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Discrimination: Racial

Related Bills

Civil Rights Act of 1968

1968 (HR-2516)

Related Court Cases

(2015) TX Housing Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project
(1954) Brown v. Board of Education
(1896) Plessy v. Ferguson


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Discrimination is less explicit, but remains

The systemic segregation of white and black Americans has been part of this country since before its inception. Although the situation has generally improved both in law and in practice, segregation remains an issue.

In this discussion we'll explain what has changed, what remains an issue, and the effects.


"The African American struggle for desegregation did not arise because anyone believed that there was something magical about sitting next to whites in a classroom. It was, however, based on a belief that the dominant group would keep control of the most successful schools and that the only way to get full range of opportunities for a minority child was to get access to those schools."
(Gary Orfield, co-director at the Civil Rights Project)




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