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Donald Trump Presidency

Last Updated:2019-Sep-18
Principal Writer:Rob Dennis and Barry Shatzman

Issue Sections

Understanding The Issue
Campaign: Promises
Transition: Initial appointments
Trump's Enrichment
Pardons and Leniency
Issue Status
What You Can Do

Reported News

Gov: Executive Branch
Gov: Presidential Appointments
President: Donald Trump


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Keeping tabs on a unique presidency

The election of Donald Trump to become the country's 45th president represents a sharp change in many aspects of our political system - in both stated policies and rhetoric.

Although most of of our focus is on Congress, because...

o Congress is where legislation originates

o Each representative represents less than a million people and must be re-elected each 2 years, whereas the president represents more than 300 million people and is accountable only every 4 years

... we think there's a benefit to keeping tabs on the tone the president sets and what he or she does that likely will affect most Americans, and to explaining those effects.

This new feature is something we plan to continue with future administrations as well as this one

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