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IRS Funding

Last Updated:2015-Apr-15
Principal Writer:Barry Shatzman

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Adequate funding would directly help most Americans

IRS funding has a direct effect on Americans...

o It affects how long you must wait for a response to a tax question - if you get one at all.

o It affects the agency's ability to deal with the increasing problem of identity theft. If you are a victim, it will affect how long it takes for you to receive any money you might be owed.

o It effects the enforcement of tax laws. Since the greatest impact of enforcement is on corporations and wealthy, reduced enforcement benefits the smallest minority of Americans - at the expense of the overwhelming majority.

At its current budget, the IRS would bring in more than $4 for every additional $1 spent on enforcement. Of course there eventually would be diminishing returns, but with at least $40 billion of owed taxes going uncollected - most of that from wealthy individuals and corporations - there would be a huge benefit to most Americans in giving the IRS the resources it needs.

Your representative can request that the Congressional Budget Office determine an optimal amount, and then support a budget that allocates this amount.

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