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Look out the window

Date: 2021-Jul-22           Author: Barry Shatzman

Here's one of the things that makes me a good journalist... if one person tells me it's raining and another tells me it's sunny, i'll look out the fucking window and tell you what i see.

If you're still not vaccinated, read this article with that mindset. What do YOU see around you?

You see hundreds of millions of doses. You don't see anyone who dropped dead from those doses (or even grew a third penis out of their shoulder or something weird).

You see countries, states, and counties with the lowest vaccination rates having the biggest increases in CoViD cases and deaths.

You hear virtually every health professional (including your own doctor) saying the vaccine works and you should get it. You don't trust them.

Yet you trust the gobbledygook conspiratorial reasons you hear from non-experts like Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump. Did they also tell you that they (as well as their families) are vaccinated? They are.

Please look out the fucking window. Please trust your eyes and brains. Please be scared of the disease rather than its prevention. Please stop being stubborn. It's ok. Please get the vaccine. Today. Please save your life before you'll wish you had.

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