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Believe in the science you say you do

Date: 2021-May-19           Author: Barry Shatzman

The pandemic is over!  At least for vaccinized people according to Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci. So i'm doing the happy dance. Maskless.

But i seem to be the only one at this party.

You science believers know that half the country has at least begun to receive immunity. And evidence shows that vaccinated people not only are less likely to get sick from CoVid-19 than to get trampled by a wildebeest,  but they're unlikely to transmit it to others.

But that's not enough for you.  Sure... numbers may be down, but people still are getting infected, and not everyone can be vaccinated. And masks really do work.

But you've been vaccinated. So even if they do get the cooties, guess who they aren't getting them from (hint... look in a mirror).

OK... but how can we trust that the maskless gym dude grunting through burpees is vaccinated?  What if he forged his CDC card?

This must be your first day back at the gym, so let me whisper the answer in your ear. HE WASN'T WEARING IT LAST WEEK EITHER! And might i suggest you scan the area for wildebeests.

Keep in mind... we're still telling vaccine-resistors to wear masks. So see?  All that's really changed is that vaccinated people can keep theirs in their back pocket.

Well... one other thing has. For the past year, fine people like  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene got to take advantage of the mask mandate to insult other elected officials or grab free headlines by not wearing one.

But now? They'll just wander in anonymity among those who no longer can get sick from the disease they continue to invisibly expose themselves (and others like themselves) to. And you know what they can do if they don't like it? Of course you know... because you already did it.

So trust the science you say you trust. Take a deep breath. And then exhale it into the restaurant air. You're good.

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