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It's time to leave the cave

Date: 2018-Jul-11           Author: Barry Shatzman

Isn't it great that we just had another Jessica McClure moment?

I find hope in people that we can put aside any differences and truly care from within that those kids trapped in a cave were rescued.

How many were there? A dozen? Yet very few of us seriously questioned the cost both in money and the life of a rescuer.

So now i hope we can feel the same compassion for the millions of people who are sick, but can't afford the medical care they need to stay healthy enough to stay alive (and maybe even help support their family).

I also hope we can feel the same urgency for millions of people who can't afford food to avoid hunger. Maybe it's because they gave their kids any extra food they had so the kids wouldn't be hungry.

And i hope we can feel that same true concern for millions of people who can't afford a minimally decent place to live.

Oh... and i hope we can understand the desperate plight of people escaping horrendous conditions, only to have the U.S. government take their kids from them and not even want to listen to their situations.

If not.. i hope you can at least explain the difference to me.

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