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Not Judge Moore. But judge less

Date: 2017-Dec-11           Author: Barry Shatzman

A lot of people i know are happy that Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate election. Well... not exactly. They're mostly happy that Roy Moore lost.

At least that's what they're saying. It makes sense, since there probably isn't a single issue they agree with Moore on. But nobody wanted to talk about that. It seems all everyone wanted to talk about is that Moore has been accused of being a sexual predator and a pedophile.

Before the election, they expressed their disgust at Donald Trump for endorsing Moore. Trump brushed off the ugly stuff, saying that Republicans cannot afford to lose a seat in the Senate, and can't afford to have a liberal Democrat.

After the election, several mentioned their disgust about those in Alabama who still voted for Moore in spite of his ugly flaws.

So i asked a simple question of my Democratic friends... if an election were a choice between Bill Clinton (sexual predator accusations) and Mike Pence (no sexual predator accusations), which would they prefer?

You probably won't need to be sitting when i tell you that Pence got zero votes. Virtually all would prefer sexual predator guy.

Perhaps my question should have been why they aren't as repulsed at themselves as they were against those who voted for Moore.

I'm not trying to mock the hypocrisy. Because we all can be hypocrites. I'm just pointing it out - because there's really no need for it.

I get that you find Moore and Trump disgusting. But when you focus on that, the only people you're persuading are those who'd vote with you anyway. Most people are gonna vote on the issues they care about. That's what Moore's supporters did. And that's what you would do.

That's a good thing. If you know you have the facts and better policies on your side, why would you move away from your strength? You rightfully despise the other guys when they fixate on scandal. So why would you do the same?

Remember... if you fight them in the mud, they have the home field advantage.

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