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I never realized length matters

Date: 2016-Jun-06           Author: Barry Shatzman

Lots of people are outraged that this rapist received a 6-month jail sentence. Especially his father, who thinks any prison sentence is inappropriate for "20 minutes of action".

Now i'm not sure how many minutes a rape is supposed to last for it to warrant prison, but your vengeance against this guy still should be somewhat satisfied. He's a convicted felon and he'll need to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. That's not trivial.

I realize you still wanna be outraged, so might i suggest you be more outraged over our culture that makes crimes like this possible?

o If she was drunk, the rapist will say it was her fault. But if the rapist was drunk, he'll use it as an excuse.

o Maybe he felt it was appropriate to force sex on her because she wore something more revealing than a burka.

o If she chose to sleep with other people in the past, a court might say that implies she'd given him permission to have sex with her.

o Or maybe she even had consensual sex with him before, and that gives him license to do so in the future regardless of her wishes.

Yep... blame the victim. Just like we blame a person of color when they exercise their legal rights in police encounters because we watch a video and can shout at the screen what they should have done differently. If only Trayvon Martin hadn't worn that damn hoodie.

Most of us realize that a black person has to have a certain awareness at all times that a white person will never need to be concerned with. Ummm... make that a white male.

Female lives matter, folks.

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