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A different type of April Fools

Date: 2015-Apr-01           Author: Barry Shatzman

A few people have asked me why they should pay $5 to join Lobby99, when the only practical benefit is that it lets them use our RepresentMe! tool to write to their representatives. "I already can write to them for free," they say.

The reasons are good ones, but something happened yesterday that really brings it to light.

As i previously ranted about, your elected representatives don't want you writing to them unless you live in their district (or you have beaucoup bucks).

But yesterday i read this article. It seems that some group sent a bunch of identical letters to representatives - pretending they were from actual constituents.

Of course the problem isn't just that they weren't from people who lived in the representatives' districts. It's that they were contrived and didn't represent how most of the people in those districts actually felt.

This is where you get your $5 worth from Lobby99. Because you pay it with a credit card, we can verify what state you live in. And when you go to write a letter, you only see representatives from your state. When we send your letter, the representative will see the address from your credit card, meaning they'll instantly know if you're in their district. You can't just fake that.

Do members of Congress care? I received a direct email yesterday from a member of Rep. Suzanne Bonnamici's staff. He said, among other things...

"Today's news definitely calls out for more legitimate constituent interaction!"

He was talking about that story. And how Lobby99 can help fix the problem.

Add that to the fact that a letter coming from a confirmed Lobby99 member is more likely to come from a well-informed point of view, and you'll see that with enough of us we'll have every bit as much influence as the highest paid lobbyist in DC. And we make it so easy to do.

Now what was your question again?

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