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Consumer Concerns
2016 HR-5104 BOTS Act
2014 HR-4156 Transparent Airfares Act
2013 HR-624 Cyber Intelligence Sharing (CISPA)
2013 S-517 Unlocking Consumer Choice
2010 HR-2751 FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
2010 HR-4173 Dodd-Frank Act
2009 HR-627 CARD Act
2007 HR-1216 Kids Transportation Safety Act
1998 HR-2281 DMCA
1991 S-1462 Telephone Consumer Protection Act
1970 HR-19504 Federal Highway Act
2018 HR-1892 Bipartisan Budget Act
2017 S-805 Inclusive Prosperity Act
2014 HR-83 Appropriations, 2015
2012 HR-8 American Taxpayer Relief Act
2011 S-365 Budget Control Act
2010 HR-4853 Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance
2002 HR-3763 Sarbanes-Oxley Act
1999 S-900 Gramm-Leach-Bliley
1933 HR-5661 Glass-Steagall
2017 S-806 College for All Act
1965 HR-9567 Higher Education Act
Elections and Voting
2015 S-1969 Democracy Day Act
2002 HR-2356 McCain-Feingold
2002 HR-3295 Help America Vote Act
1993 HR-2 National Voter Registration Act
1971 S-382 Federal Election Campaign Act
1965 S-1564 Voting Rights Act
1980 HR-7020 CERCLA (Superfund)
1975 S-622 Energy Policy and Conservation Act
1973 S-1983 Endangered Species Act
1963 HR-6518 Clean Air Act
2019 HR-1 For the People Act
2017 HR-1291 Washington, D.C. Admission Act
2017 HR-1452 No TRUMP Act
2017 HR-1711 MAR-A-LAGO Act
2017 HR-21 Midnight Rules Relief Act
2017 HR-26 REINS Act
2017 HR-5 Regulatory Accountability Act
2017 HR-75 ALERT Act
2013 SR-4 (Filibuster reform)
2002 HR-5005 Homeland Security Act
1996 HR-3136 Contract with America
1995 S-2 Congressional Accountability Act
1978 S-555 Ethics in Government Act
1976 HR-3884 National Emergencies Act
1972 HR-4383 Federal Advisory Committee Act
Health Care
2017 HR-1628 American Health Care Act
2017 HR-1628H American Health Care Act (House)
2017 HR-1628S Better Care Reconciliation Act
2015 HR-30 Save American Workers Act
2013 S-1782 American Health Security Act
2010 HR-3590 Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act
2019 HR-7 Paycheck Fairness Act
2017 HR-1180 Working Families Flexibility Act
2017 HR-785 National Right-to-Work Act
2015 S-1150 Raise the Wage Act
2013 S-460 Fair Minimum Wage Act
2006 HR-4 Pension Protection Act
1974 HR-2 ERISA
1970 S-2193 Occupational Safety and Health Act
1963 S-1409 Equal Pay Act
1938 FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act
Public Welfare
2015 S-178 Justice for Victims of Human Trafficking
2013 S-649 Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act
1994 HR-3355 Violent Crime Control, Law Enforcement
1993 HR-1025 Brady Act
1988 HR-4445 Undetectable Firearms Act
Social Concerns
2019 HR-5 Equality Act
2013 S-815 Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)
1996 HR-3396 Defense of Marriage Act
1993 HR-1308 Religious Freedom Restoration Act
1990 S-933 Americans with Disabilities Act
1968 HR-2516 Civil Rights Act of 1968
1964 HR-7152 Civil Rights Act of 1964
Transportation & Utilities
2016 HR-4441 Aviation Reform Act
2015 HR-22 FAST Act
2015 HR-3236 Surface Transportation Act
2015 S-1647 DRIVE Act
2015 S-1994 TRAFFIC Relief Act
2012 HR-4348 MAP-21
1956 HR-10660 Federal-Aid Highway Act
1977 S-305 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
1976 S-507 Federal Land Policy and Management Act
1934 S-3285 Communications Act
1882 S-133 Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act

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