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American Health Security Act

Bill Number: S-1782

Disposition: 2015-Jan-02
Failed to pass Senate

The bill will not become law.

Full title...
An act to provide for health care for every American and to control the cost and enhance the quality of the health care system

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Bill Text (Reading difficulty: Moderate)

Sponsor & Key Contributors
Bernard (Bernie) Sanders

Related Issues...
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Other names for this bill...

This bill sometimes is referred to by the acronym for American Health Security Act - AHSA.

It has been dubbed Medicare for All

In addition to its other names, the AHSA also is known as a Universal Health Care or single-payer health care law.

What does this bill do?

This bill completely changes the way health care is provided to and paid for by Americans.


o Guarantees health care to every American
o Reduces health care costs for the overwhelming majority of Americans

How would it work?

Currently, Americans pay for health care in a wide variety of ways...

o They pay premiums to an insurance company, which will in turn pay for part of health care they receive, based on their policy.

o The government pays for all or part of their care through a program such as Medicare or Medicaid.

o They go without health care except in emergencies. Visiting the emergency room of a hospital is the most expensive way to receive health care, and it is mostly paid for by other Americans through taxes or increased costs.

This law would change all of that. Under the law, each state would administer a single-payer system of health care. Health care providers in each state would be paid by their state's agency.

Every American would be allowed to receive care from just about any doctor they choose, and would never see a bill.

What types of services would be covered?

The new system would cover virtually every aspect of health care, including...

o Preventive care
o Prescription drugs
o Dental and vision care
o Mental health care
o Long-term care

How would all this be paid for? What would it cost you?

Federal money would be allocated to the states to pay health care providers.

Initially, money would be re-allocated from programs such as Medicare and Medicaid - as those programs would no longer be needed.

A health care tax would provide the money needed to pay providers...

o Employers (and those self-employed) would pay 6.7 percent of wages

o Anyone earning less than $200,000 in a year would pay 2.2 percent of their taxable income.

o The tax increases for individuals earning more than $200,000 in a year ($250,000 for spouses filing jointly).

Two things are important to note here...

o The new tax likely would be the only medical expense you (and your family) would incur.

o You can compare your costs under this plan with what you currently pay for health care using this table...

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