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Raise the Wage Act

Bill Number: S-1150

Disposition: 2017-Jan-02
Failed to pass Senate

The bill will not become law.

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A bill to provide for increases in the Federal minimum wage

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Sponsor & Key Contributors
Patty Murray

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Minimum Wage

The minimum wage would increase yearly

This bill would increase the federal minimum wage to $12 by 2020.

The minimum wage would increase in yearly increments. The minimum wage each year would be...

o 2016: $8
o 2017: $9
o 2018: $10
o 2019: $11
o 2020: $12

After 2020, the minimum wage would be increased based on wages of all employees nationwide.

Tipped employee wages would rise to meet regular wages

The minimum hourly wage for tipped workers also would be increased yearly, until it's equal to the minimum for all employees.

The current hourly minimum wage for tipped workers is $2.13. It would increase to $3.15 in 2016. Each year after that it would increase by $1.05 (unless it would exceed the standard federal minimum wage).

New wages would start as early as January

If the bill is enacted after Sept. 30, 2015, the provisions of the bill will take effect three months after the bill is enacted. Future increases will take place on the yearly anniversaries of the law.

The Senate did not act on this bill

The Raise the Wage Act was not acted on by the Senate. It expired when the 114th Congress ended in Jan. 2017.

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You can find more details about this bill at

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