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A database on topics such as crime, traffic, and cost of living. You can compare two cities side-by-side.

The data is submitted by users. It is not from official sources. Numbeo calls itself the world's largest such database (itself a user-submitted statistic).
Restore Your Vote
Felony disenfranchisement laws differ state by state.

This tool is designed to help convicted felons determine their eligibility to restore their voting rights in their state and take steps to do so.
Did Barack Obama salute the flag with the wrong hand? Have terrorists acquired UPS uniforms to use for an attack? Was a silent version of The Poseidon Adventure being shown on board the Titanic at the moment it struck an iceberg? Is a missing 13-year-old girl's mom trying to find her by asking millions on the Internet?

Chances are that any outrageous claim you read on Facebook or in e-mail - no matter how authentic it might sound - simply is not true. Sometimes it's harmless. Sometimes it causes unwarranted fear.

Make a habit of checking Snopes before you pass along crazy-sounding information. Then ask yourself, why would someone make this up if they actually had something substantive to say?

(By the way... one of the above situations actually is true. You can find out by searching Snopes)
The Straight Dope