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These are sample letters you can send to your represenative and senators. You can copy them directly or just use them to give you ideas on what to write.

How to use this feature

1. Choose a topic that you want to contact your representative or senator about and copy the text of the letter. If you just want to write your own letter, skip this step.

2. Click on the megaphone above to choose which representative or senator you want to write to. Click on their name to bring you to their information page on our site.

3.Click on the megaphone on their information page. That will take you to the section of their official website where you can email them.

4. If you copied our suggested letter, paste it into the letter section of their page.

Charactreristics of an effective letter

o It shows that you understand the issue you're writing about

o It offers a course of action you would like your representative to take

o It is concise and respectful.

o It lets your representative know that you are a constituent.

What do the different statuses mean?

o Time Critical: There most likely is a bill in Congress that is about to be considered. Time is of the essence in asking your representative and senators to make sure they act on this bill in the way you want them to.

o Active: This is an important issue that affects a large number of people. If there is a bill, it may take writing to your representative and senators to ask them to act on it. If there is no current bill, you can ask them to introduce one.

o Dormant: There is no current action on this issue, but it would help your representative and senators to know your concern about them.

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Car Loan Minority Protections

As your constituent, I am asking you to reject the Disapproving compliance to Equal Credit Opportunity Act - the attempt to repeal the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's 2013 guidance protecting minorities from discrimination when taking out a car loan through a car dealer.

There is no legitimate reason to exempt indirect lenders from being held responsible under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act

Note: President Trump signed this repeal into law on May 21, 2018. Therefore, this letter as it is written will have no effect. The only way to reinstate this protection would be for Congress to enact a law requiring it - meaning you can write to your representatives requesting they work to pass such a law.

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