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When you subscribe to News in FiVe, we collect certain information from you.

This will tell you what information we collect, why we need it, and how that information is used.

What information do we collect?

Your Email Address
Your email address is your unique identity to us (don't worry, if you change your email address we make it easy to change it in our system). We use it to communicate with you - always according to your preferences.

Your Name
We use your name to identify you in case there's a problem with your account.

What do we do with your personal information?

We use your personal information only as we described above. We do not share it with anyone. We do not sell it. We have no plans to ever change this policy.

How safe is your information?

While our database is protected, all we store anyway is your email address, name, and password.

And we encrypt your password, so even our database administrator won't be able to tell if it's "PASSWORD" (sure hope not) or your dog's middle name spelled sideways.

What about your credit card info?

You might be wondering what we do with your credit card number after you give it to us. The answer is, we never even see your credit card information in the first place!

When you subscribe, you do it through our secure vendor PayPal on their site. All they tell us is the information we ask for - like your email address and name. That's why it can take a day or two for your subscription to take effect, since we have to process your account once they tell us about you (okay fine... they're quick. we're not always so quick).

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