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2024-May-25 IRS - More audits could lower deficit by 25 percent
2023-Sep-29 CA: Sen Dianne Feinstein dies
2023-Jan-30 Santos' lies make following the money difficult
2023-Jan-022023-Jan-13The lies of George Santos (if that's his real name)
2022-Nov-06 Setting clocks back rejuvenates discussion
2022-Aug-17 Hearning aids to be available without prescription
2022-Aug-04 IN: Rep. Jackie Walorski killed in car crash
2022-Jul-212022-Nov-03FCC moves to stop car warranty scams
2022-Jun-30 Ketanji Brown Jackson joins Supreme Court
2022-Jun-02 Trump pocketed $2 million from Secret Service
2022-Apr-262022-May-27Elimination of incandescent bulbs will save consumers billions
2022-Apr-192022-May-12Biden strengthens environmental law - reversing Trump
2022-Mar-29 Biden signs anti-lynching law
2022-Mar-102022-Apr-212020 Census undercounted minorities
2022-Feb-162022-May-30Florida speeders sent to pro-Trump website
2022-Jan-26 Stephen Breyer to retire from Supreme Court
2022-Jan-19 McConnell: African American voters versus Americans
2022-Jan-132022-Jan-25Supreme Court rejects and allows vaccine requirements
2022-Jan-02 Social media sites restrict Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
2021-Nov-15 Infrastructure law would improve transportation and more
2021-Oct-212022-Mar-28Rep. Jeff Fortenberry resigns after conviction for lying to FBI
2021-Oct-202021-Oct-26Senate Republicans block another voting rights bill
2021-Oct-192021-Oct-22FBI raids homes of Russian with ties to Trump, McConnell
2021-Oct-182021-Oct-20Biden to regulate previously ignored "forever" toxins
2021-Oct-16 CO voting officials barred over machine tampering
2021-Oct-142021-Oct-17Capitol Police officer charged in Jan. 6 attack
2021-Oct-10 Millions of Americans lack running water
2021-Oct-102021-Oct-22CA to ban gas-powered lawn equipment
2021-Oct-082021-Oct-11Deal would keep companies' tax dollars in the U.S.
2021-Oct-012021-Nov-05Your mail is taking longer. It's deliberate.
2021-Sep-17 Trump parting gift - Secret Service protection to family, friends
2021-Sep-132021-Sep-24Coastal communities worldwide could flood by 2030
2021-Aug-162021-Sep-16Food stamp benefits to increase
2021-Aug-16 Fake COVID cards could mean "Go To Jail"
2021-Aug-11 YouTube suspends Rand Paul for mask lies
2021-Aug-10 Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Green for vaccine lies
2021-Jul-12 Obama EPA ignored fracking chemical risks
2021-Jul-102021-Aug-10Biden fires Trump's Social Security head
2021-Jul-02 Your Amazon devices now share your WIFI
2021-Jul-012021-Jul-08Supreme Court upholds AZ voting restrictions
2021-Jul-012021-Jul-12Trump's company, CFO indicted for tax fraud
2021-Jun-30 House creates committee to study Capitol attack
2021-Jun-242021-Jul-02Court suspends Giuliani law license after wild claims
2021-Jun-23 Supreme Court: President can fire agency heads
2021-Jun-222021-Jun-28Voting rights bill blocked by Senate Republicans
2021-Jun-17 Supreme Court keeps ObamaCare, dismisses lawsuit
2021-Jun-05 Judge overturns California assault weapon ban
2021-Jun-01 Biden suspends ANWR oil drilling
2021-May-28 Senate blocks commission to investigate Capitol attack
2021-Apr-282021-Jun-06California could be allowed tougher emissions standards
2021-Apr-22 House passes bill to make DC 51st state
2021-Apr-06 FL: Rep. Alcee Hastings dies
2021-Mar-25 GA law could influence and overturn elections
2021-Feb-10 Biden reverses Trump position on ObamaCare lawsuit
2021-Jan-31 MI couple must adopt own twins
2021-Jan-202021-Feb-28From day 1 Biden lessens Trump influence
2021-Jan-20 Biden reverses Trump environmental rules
2021-Jan-13 Trump removes protections for endangered owl
2021-Jan-08 Twitter permanently bans Donald Trump
2021-Jan-06 Trump supporters invade Capitol as election is certified
2021-Jan-022021-Jan-03Trump demands Georgia "find" extra votes for him
2020-Dec-15 Attorney General Barr resigns
2020-Nov-202021-Feb-05Regulation would require banks to lend to ANWR drillers
2020-Nov-17 Elecion security chief reports no fraud. Trump fires him.
2020-Nov-16 Lindsey Graham asks if Georgia can toss ballots
2020-Nov-162020-Nov-24Trump orders ANWR drilling leases
2020-Nov-112020-Nov-13Trump lawsuits aim to raise doubt - and money
2020-Nov-11 Donations to Trump lawsuits go mostly to Trump
2020-Nov-092020-Nov-16Trump overhauls Defense leadership after election loss
2020-Nov-07 Joe Biden wins presidency
2020-Nov-03 USPS refuses court order to sweep for 300,000 ballots
2020-Nov-022020-Nov-06Georgians to lose access to
2020-Oct-302020-Nov-03TX Republicans sue to invalidate 125,000 ballots
2020-Oct-272020-Oct-29Order for USPS to restore service levels mostly ignored
2020-Oct-26 Senate confirms Barrett for Supreme Court
2020-Oct-13 Arctic summer ice will be gone in just decades
2020-Oct-12 CA: Republican party installs illegal ballot drop-boxes
2020-Oct-062021-Jun-03Postal Service leaders under scrutiny
2020-Oct-022020-Oct-10Trump has COVID - Timeline and who it affects
2020-Sep-262020-Sep-28Ginsburg replacement could overturn decades of progress
2020-Sep-20 Trump profits from Secret Service
2020-Sep-182020-Sep-19Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies
2020-Sep-112020-Sep-23Florida law restricting felon voting upheld
2020-Sep-012020-Nov-09GA purged 200,000 voter registrations in error
2020-Aug-192020-Sep-21USPS destroys machines that sort ballots
2020-Jul-20 Trump administration removes payday loan protections
2020-Jul-162020-Aug-18Supreme Court keeps Florida ex-felons out of voting booth
2020-Jul-15 Trump loosens environmental protection law
2020-Jul-10 Trump pardons longtime friend Roger Stone
2020-Jul-092020-Jul-18Court: President can't ignore subpoenas
2020-Jun-152020-Aug-21Trump fundraiser to run Postal Service
2020-May-24 U.S. Court: Florida felon voter law unconstitutional
2020-May-19 Georgia cancels election for judge
2020-May-152020-Jul-25Trump fires IG investigating Saudi arms sales
2020-May-14 Appeals court reinstates states' emoluments lawsuit
2020-May-12 CA: Republican wins election despite Trump complaint
2020-Mar-312020-Apr-04Trump administration relaxes Obama fuel economy standards
2020-Mar-022020-Mar-06Supreme Court again to decide fate of ObamaCare
2020-Feb-28 House passes anti-lynching bill
2020-Feb-152020-Feb-28Trump pardons 11 - most convicted of corruption
2020-Feb-122020-Feb-202020 deficit will exceed $1 trillion
2020-Feb-072020-Oct-13Democrats' emoluments lawsuit dismissed
2020-Feb-05 Senate acquits Trump of impeachment charges
2020-Jan-21 Senate blocks impeachment witnesses and documents
2020-Jan-16 GAO: Trump broke law by withholding Ukraine aid
2020-Jan-15 House sets stage for Senate impeachment trial
2019-Dec-182019-Dec-20House votes to impeach Trump
2019-Dec-13 House committee approves articles of impeachment
2019-Dec-13 Outgoing KY governor pardons murderers and child rapists
2019-Dec-102019-Dec-12Inspector General - Russia investigation not political
2019-Dec-032019-Dec-12CA: Rep. Duncan Hunter resigns after guilty plea
2019-Nov-152019-Dec-05Trump pardons 3 for war crimes
2019-Nov-14 Diplomats link Trump to Ukraine extortion
2019-Nov-05 FL library refuses NY Times subscription - cites "Fake News"
2019-Oct-31 House approves impeachment inquiry procedures
2019-Oct-30 Agency investigating AIDS and Ebola viruses to shut down
2019-Oct-28 Lock her up? The risk of private email servers.
2019-Oct-27 CA: Rep. Katie Hill will resign from Congress
2019-Oct-25 Rep. Omar subjected to false accusations, death threats
2019-Oct-242019-Oct-31Gov. continued to pursue loans from defrauded students
2019-Oct-182019-Oct-24Bill: Companies must disclose American jobs lost
2019-Oct-17 Rep. Elijah Cummings dies
2019-Oct-102019-Nov-04Trump associates charged with campaign violations
2019-Sep-27 In 2017 Trump told Russians interference doesn't concern him
2019-Sep-262019-Sep-29Whistleblower: Trump is soliciting foreign election interference
2019-Sep-25 House begins impeachment inquiry into Trump
2019-Sep-232019-Sep-25Trump pressured Ukranian president to investigate Biden
2019-Sep-202019-Sep-23Revoking California fuel standards could cost billions
2019-Sep-132019-Sep-18Appeals court: Emoluments lawsuit must be heard
2019-Sep-10 North Carolina: Republican wins re-do House election
2019-Aug-302019-Sep-10Election monitoring agency prevented from acting
2019-Aug-23 Facts about the Amazon fires
2019-Aug-152019-Aug-20State Dept. harassed employees for political leanings
2019-Aug-15 New intel director after mandated replacement resigns
2019-Aug-14 USDA to fire hundreds of scientists
2019-Aug-06 Mississippi Delta under water for six months
2019-Aug-012019-Aug-02Intel head resigns. Nominee tried to derail Russia inquiry
2019-Jul-292019-Aug-26Trump frees man who defrauded Medicaid out of millions
2019-Jul-292019-Aug-28Appeals court dismisses emoluments suit against Trump
2019-Jul-26 Supreme Court lets border wall proceed during appeals
2019-Jul-23 How climate change could affect baseball
2019-Jul-13 Baseball considering better foul ball protection
2019-Jul-12 Labor Sec. Acosta resigns. Replacement fought worker rights
2019-Jul-10 Acosta cuts budget to fight child exploitation
2019-Jul-10 Who owns your digital books? Not you.
2019-Jul-082019-Aug-10New pedophile charges against Trump friend Epstein
2019-Jun-282019-Jul-02Florida law could keep a million ex-felons from voting
2019-Jun-21 Trump threatens journalist with prison
2019-Jun-182019-Jul-25Former defense lobbyist Esper confirmed as DoD Secretary
2019-Jun-172019-Jun-21Supreme Court decision could weaken Trump pardons
2019-Jun-132019-Jun-29Administration members accused of illegal campaign activity
2019-Jun-122019-Jun-25"Deepfake" videos could influence elections
2019-Jun-102019-Jun-17DOT helps Mitch McConnell's state fund projects
2019-Jun-10 ICE deported veterans due to policy ignorance
2019-Jun-10 Sen. Josh Hawley: Watergate "living in the past"
2019-Jun-10 MO: Black drivers 90% more likely to be stopped
2019-Jun-06 Is teen sexting video of oneself child porn?
2019-Jun-06 Republican malintent in gerrymandering and census?
2019-Jun-06 Iraqi sheikh lobbying policy spent a month in Trump hotel
2019-Jun-06 Much chocolate the product of child labor
2019-Jun-03 Trump advocates boycott to punish CNN over coverage
2019-Jun-02 Transportation Sec. Chao's family conflicts of interest
2019-May-29 OR now among a dozen states with Holocaust curriculum
2019-May-262019-Jun-29Judge holds up money for border wall
2019-May-222019-Jun-05HUD seeks rollback of Obama homeless LGBT protections
2019-May-172019-Jun-10Bill would prohibit sexuality-based discrimination
2019-May-17 Google tracks what you buy - from wherever
2019-May-16 Trump court nominees won't discuss landmark decision
2019-May-162019-Jul-01You can file your taxes for free. But it could be better.
2019-May-15 Defense contractor's 9,400% profit challenged
2019-May-09 Florida teachers can carry guns in class
2019-May-06 Trump pardons soldier who murdered Iraqi
2019-May-05 Trump suggests extending his term
2019-May-012019-May-06It's official - Trump administration wants ObamaCare dead
2019-Apr-30 Measles on the rise. Culprit no surprise.
2019-Apr-25 Supreme Court to rule on gay and transgender job protections
2019-Apr-22 Sanctions on countries who buy Iranian oil
2019-Apr-182019-Apr-19Full Mueller report released. Here's what it says.
2019-Apr-15 Why most new apartment buildings all look the same
2019-Apr-14 Pork inspection being turned over to slaughterhouses
2019-Apr-122019-Apr-15WikiLeaks founder indicted, removed from embassy in England
2019-Apr-08 Senate speeds confirmations for judges and appointees
2019-Mar-272019-Apr-02Gender pay equality bill passes House
2019-Mar-27 Florida looks to constrict new ex-felon voting rights
2019-Mar-26 Airbnb hosts use hidden cameras to record guests
2019-Mar-252019-Mar-28Trump administration agrees with court to nullify ObamaCare
2019-Mar-24 AG summary of Mueller report narrow and non-committal
2019-Mar-22 Mueller delivers report on Russia investigation
2019-Mar-152019-Mar-18Trump vetos resolution that would have ended his emergency
2019-Mar-14 House wants Russia investigation results made public
2019-Mar-13 Manafort indicted on NY fraud charges
2019-Mar-11 Lawsuits against Trump's border emergency declaration
2019-Feb-272019-Mar-07Former Trump attorney lays out possible Trump crimes
2019-Feb-262019-Feb-28Law requires Trump to disclose taxes. But go make him.
2019-Feb-25 Equal pay ruling overturned after judge dies
2019-Feb-23 Inexpensive kamikaze drone could change warfare
2019-Feb-222019-Mar-14Congress votes to end Trump national emergency
2019-Feb-18 NY City bans discrimination based on hair
2019-Feb-15 Russia releases sex worker after silence pledge about Trump
2019-Feb-152019-Feb-25Trump's national emergency will divert billions to border wall
2019-Feb-14 Airline sues customer for gaming its system
2019-Feb-08 Bill would prevent Trump's ban on transgender troops
2019-Feb-07 House to investigate possible Trump money laundering
2019-Feb-01 Bills would require presidential candidates to disclose taxes
2019-Jan-30 Trump's company hired undocumented workers for years
2019-Jan-28 Trump encourages "Bible literacy" classes in public schools
2019-Jan-282020-Feb-20Stone indictment shows Trump campaign collusion - again
2019-Jan-222019-Feb-08Supreme Court paves way for military transgender ban
2019-Jan-22 Trump ends White House press briefings
2019-Jan-19 Conviction for leaving food in desert for migrants
2019-Jan-18 Escort claiming evidence of Trump collusion held in Russia
2019-Jan-172019-Jan-22Migrant children separated more - and earlier
2019-Jan-17 Racist remarks cost Iowa Rep. King committees
2019-Jan-16 Pelosi suggests no State of Union address during shutdown
2019-Jan-16 Trump judge pick says intoxication can nullify rape
2019-Jan-15 Court overrules Trump on census citizenship question
2019-Jan-14 Trump hid details about Putin meetings
2019-Jan-14 FBI investigated whether Trump worked for Russia
2019-Jan-142019-Feb-14Atty General nominee hard-line, but says Mueller can continue
2019-Jan-102019-Jan-27Trump eases sanctions on Russian companies
2019-Jan-09 No new craft beers during shutdown
2019-Jan-09 Court filing reveals Trump campaign collusion with Russians
2019-Jan-062019-Jan-10Amid shutdown, will Trump officials get pay increase?
2019-Jan-02 Interior's Zinke resigns. Replaced by oil lobbyist
2019-Jan-01 DoD: Mattis leaves. Replacement has little military experience
2018-Dec-242019-Jan-02The shutdown - what does it mean to you?
2018-Dec-23 Math shows border wall would be costly, insecure
2018-Dec-18 Trump Foundation to dissolve under investigation
2018-Dec-14 Paul Ryan pushes for thousands of Irish visas
2018-Dec-142018-Dec-17Judge rules ObamaCare unconstitutional
2018-Dec-132019-Feb-04Trump inaugural committee investigated for corruption
2018-Dec-10 Trump defends Saudis while taking their money
2018-Dec-10 Sanctioned countries hiring lobbyists tied to Trump
2018-Dec-062018-Dec-18Trump administration proposing relaxed restrictions on coal plants
2018-Dec-03 Congress tries to impose its will on Russia investigation
2018-Nov-292018-Nov-30Lawyer: Trump offered Putin $50M penthouse in Moscow tower
2018-Nov-28 Manafort provided inside info to Trump on Mueller probe
2018-Nov-262018-Nov-27Trump calls for state-run news network
2018-Nov-25 U.S. border troops fire teargas at refugees
2018-Nov-232018-Dec-07Climate report shows impacts on daily life
2018-Nov-222018-Nov-24White House moves to ban reporters' followup questions
2018-Nov-19 Senators sue to reverse Trump's AG appointment
2018-Nov-182018-Nov-21Trump tweets Schitt - gets Constitution wrong
2018-Nov-16 Sears proposes $19M exec bonuses in bankruptcy filing
2018-Nov-16 Judge orders White House to allow banned reporter
2018-Nov-16 US school uses electric shocks on students
2018-Nov-14 Another Republican lawsuit threatens ObamaCare
2018-Nov-142018-Nov-17DeVos sued for not implementing student loan protections
2018-Nov-12 Assaults at the border
2018-Nov-09 Trump administration actively interferes with science
2018-Nov-08 Sessions fired - Replacement may be illegal appointment
2018-Nov-072019-Jan-08Florida now allows ex-felons to vote
2018-Nov-06 Republican ads show Jewish candidates holding money
2018-Nov-05 Kris Kobach funded by white supremacists
2018-Nov-05 Georgia: Fake Oprah Winfrey robocalls by antisemitic group
2018-Nov-03 Judge: MD and DC can obtain Trump financial info
2018-Nov-01 ND law disenfranchises thousands of Native Americans
2018-Oct-30 Court case could extend presidential pardon power
2018-Oct-26 Kansas city moves polling place, directs voters to wrong site
2018-Oct-25 NY Rep. Zeldin tells people to vote on wrong day - again
2018-Oct-192018-Oct-29Russian charged with interfering in 2018 elections
2018-Oct-15 NYT: Trump fortune built on fraud, cost gov't half billion
2018-Oct-15 Changed regulation could quash protests
2018-Oct-11 Republicans pose as communists, donate to Democrats
2018-Oct-112018-Oct-18Court to review ethics complaints against Kavanaugh
2018-Oct-102018-Nov-02GA candidate - also overseeing election - blocks 53,000 voters
2018-Oct-09 Nikki Haley to resign as UN Ambassador
2018-Oct-062018-Oct-13Grassley - Judiciary Committee too much work for women
2018-Oct-062018-Oct-12Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court
2018-Oct-012018-Oct-12Judge supports relief for defrauded federal student loan borrowers
2018-Sep-142018-Mar-13Former Trump campaign head pleads guilty, will cooperate
2018-Sep-11 Should you evacuate during Hurricane Florence?
2018-Sep-10 Administration threations International Criminal Court
2018-Sep-10 FL: Rep. Ron DeSantis resigns from Congress
2018-Sep-07 Trump adviser Papadopoulos to serve time in Russia probe
2018-Sep-06 Trump inauguration crowd photos were doctored
2018-Sep-05 Kavanaugh won't say whether Trump can pardon himself
2018-Sep-05 Trump suggests making it illegal to protest
2018-Sep-052018-Sep-10Bill would require companies to pay for employees' govt aid
2018-Aug-31 Supreme Court won't hear attempt to ban same-sex couple foster care
2018-Aug-31 Stripping citizens of passports not new - but greatly expanded
2018-Aug-31 Trump spreads myth of South African land seizures
2018-Aug-31 Trump's law-enforcement targets are organized crime experts
2018-Aug-302018-Sep-01Trump cancels pay increases for federal workers
2018-Aug-30 Lawsuit could keep Mueller from sharing Trump-Russia findings
2018-Aug-30 Trump says there will be violence if Democrats take control of Congress
2018-Aug-302018-Sep-07Trump would bypass Congress for $10 billion tax cut for richest
2018-Aug-29 Interms for top Republicans almost exclusively white
2018-Aug-29 California abolishes bail for money.
2018-Aug-29 Top companies with workers relying on food stamps
2018-Aug-29 Understanding Trump advisor shows genesis of policies
2018-Aug-28 Devin Nunes goes to London to question Trump evidence
2018-Aug-26 Tool helps convicted felons regain their vote
2018-Aug-25 Black woman faces charges in "stand your ground" case
2018-Aug-25 Judge overturns some of Trump's civil service exec orders
2018-Aug-25 AZ: Sen. John McCain has died
2018-Aug-24 FBI surveillance devices may interfere with 911 calls
2018-Aug-23 Education Secretary DeVos wants money to arm teachers
2018-Aug-212019-Mar-07Trump's former campaign manager convicted
2018-Aug-21 Trump's former lawyer pleads guilty, implicates president in felonies
2018-Aug-21 CA: Rep. Duncan Hunter indicted
2018-Aug-21 Trump and security can be sued for assault on protesters
2018-Aug-19 Flushing contact lenses impacts environment
2018-Aug-19 Why is the Taliban resurging in Afghanistan
2018-Aug-19 Life expectancy by social status
2018-Aug-17 Teachers comprise 10 percent of AirBnB hosts
2018-Aug-152018-Aug-23Administration proposes land sale from national monument
2018-Aug-102018-Aug-20CFBP to stop oversight of predatory lending to military members
2018-Aug-08 Republicans discuss protecting Trump from Russia probe
2018-Aug-082019-Oct-01NY: Rep. Chris Collins indicted for insider trading
2018-Aug-042018-Aug-15Judge: Secret donations violate election finance law
2018-Aug-03 Louisiana police strangle man asking to see warrant against him
2018-Aug-01 Using more resources than the planet can regenerate
2018-Jul-30 Did Putin say he ordered U.S. election interference?
2018-Jul-27 Government can't account for nuclear weapons material
2018-Jul-26 Cohen's recordings of Trump and the history of secret microphones
2018-Jul-242018-Aug-06Mitigation for damage to public lands no longer required
2018-Jul-232018-Jul-30Breastfeeding in public now legal in every state
2018-Jul-222018-Jul-25DOE plans to withhold data from nuclear safety board
2018-Jul-192018-Aug-03Administration proposes weakening Endangered Species Act
2018-Jul-182018-Jul-25Russian with ties to NRA, Kremlin charged as foreign agent
2018-Jul-18 Trump overturns sanction on Chinese technology company
2018-Jul-172018-Aug-13Large secret campaign contributions just got secreter
2018-Jul-17 How Canada gets better results than the U.S.
2018-Jul-16 Trump meets Putin privately under shadow of indictments
2018-Jul-122018-Jul-15Administration, judge differ on refugee reunification
2018-Jul-092018-Sep-05Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court
2018-Jul-092018-Jul-10Judge upholds 20-day limit on detaining refugee children
2018-Jul-062018-Jul-09Scott Pruitt leaves legacy of graft, undermining EPA
2018-Jul-052018-Jul-07Administration can't find all separated children
2018-Jul-05 EPA proposes repeal of Clean Power Plan
2018-Jun-30 Trump claims indefinite refugee detention only option
2018-Jun-272018-Jun-30Court: Government workers can't be forced to support union
2018-Jun-272018-Jul-02Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Resigns
2018-Jun-25 U.N. poverty estimates far exceed Trump administration's
2018-Jun-25 Facebook looks to know more about you than you do
2018-Jun-252018-Jun-26Zero-tolerance quietly stopped. Judge orders families reunited.
2018-Jun-252018-Jul-09Supreme Court: Merchants can't suggest cost-saving credit card
2018-Jun-212018-Jun-25Refugee family separation ended - but now what?
2018-Jun-19 Bill would stop separation of asylum-seeker families
2018-Jun-182018-Jul-12Trump proposes creating Space Force
2018-Jun-15 Trump campaign working with ex-Cambridge Analytica workers
2018-Jun-11 Administration looks to change name of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
2018-Jun-11 EPA allowing new uses for banned asbestos
2018-Jun-112018-Jun-28Net Neutrality officially ends
2018-Jun-062018-Jun-27Coastal cities experienced record flooding in 2017
2018-May-282019-Apr-06Ivanka Trump trademarks come with China policy
2018-May-25 Trump rolls back civil service protections
2018-May-242018-Jun-10Banking law weakens safeguards, gives half-billion to banks
2018-May-212018-May-25Court says legal system not guaranteed for workers
2018-May-182018-May-31HUD takes back door to suspend anti-segregation program
2018-May-162018-Jun-11Senate moves to nullify FCC repeal of Net Neutrality
2018-May-142018-Jun-14Administration hides study showing dangers in drinking water
2018-May-10 Texas teacher removed after photo of her same-sex spouse
2018-May-092018-Jun-08HUD seeks to raise rents for low-income and disabled renters
2018-May-082018-May-17Trump's lawyer's company received millions in payments
2018-Apr-30 Reports of military sexual assault at highest level reported
2018-Apr-232018-May-21Car loan minority protections repealed
2018-Apr-17 IRS tax day failure may be tied to budget cuts
2018-Apr-16 Chinese tech company ZTE banned from U.S. dealings
2018-Apr-11 Nobody wants your autograph
2018-Apr-112018-Apr-21CFPB enforcements dwindle under Trump appointee
2018-Apr-11 Court: Equal pay for women can't depend on past pay
2018-Apr-092018-Apr-18Payday loan companies sue to prevent regulations
2018-Apr-09 EPA head Pruitt faces multiple ethics investigations
2018-Apr-07 SC Rep. Norman pulls loaded gun at meeting
2018-Apr-06 Trump administration imposes Russia sanctions
2018-Apr-052018-Apr-21CFPB top salaries under Mulvaney soar
2018-Apr-022018-Apr-09EPA could cut car emissions standards
2018-Mar-23 New policy would ban most transgender troops
2018-Mar-092018-Mar-15Trump pardons sailor for nuclear sub photos
2018-Mar-052018-Mar-14Trump loosens restrictions on elephant hunting
2018-Mar-042018-Mar-15Zero spent of allocated $120M to stop election interference
2018-Feb-28 Dozens of Trump aides lose top-secret clearances
2018-Feb-26 Rep. Devin Nunes has his own news site
2018-Feb-23 RNC pays rent for Trump campaign - in Trump Tower
2018-Feb-22 NY Rep. Tenney claims mass shooters are Democrats.
2018-Feb-22 Indictment: American demonstrators duped by Russians
2018-Feb-22 DoD to recommend transgender OK for military service
2018-Feb-16 Long speeches in the Senate - and in the House
2018-Feb-152018-Feb-16National official's European vacation (on public dime)
2018-Feb-152018-Feb-26Senate fails to protect immigrants who arrived as children
2018-Feb-12 White House proposes eliminating civil rights agency
2018-Feb-09 Two year budget will assure trillion-dollar deficits for years
2018-Feb-082018-Feb-25Airlines look to end traveler protections
2018-Feb-02 Former national monument lands open for mining
2018-Feb-02 Trump won't impose required Russia sanctions
2018-Jan-25 Trump ordered Mueller fired. White House counsel refused
2018-Jan-16 Trump 2017 real estate profit mostly from secretive buyers
2018-Jan-11 Testimony further debunks Trump dossier narrative
2018-Jan-04 Trump dissolves Election Integrity Commission after lawsuits
2018-Jan-01 Transgender people can enlist in military
2017-Dec-28 States may not have enough time to prevent election hacking
2017-Dec-202017-Dec-29Congressional Republicans pass tax reduction. Who benefits?
2017-Dec-15 FCC allows internet providers to control content
2017-Dec-12 AL: McConnell will delay seating elected senator
2017-Dec-08 Trump shrinks national monuments with uranium and coal
2017-Dec-08 AZ: Rep. Trent Franks resigns after asking aide to be surrogate
2017-Dec-07 MN: Sen. Al Franken to resign amid harassment accusations
2017-Dec-06 Bags with built-in chargers restricted from planes
2017-Dec-05 Mueller subpoenas Deutsche Bank data
2017-Dec-052018-Jan-05Labor rule would change who owns tips
2017-Dec-052017-Dec-08DOT withdraws rule requiring airlines to disclose fees
2017-Dec-05 MI: Rep. John Conyers resigns amid harassment accusations
2017-Dec-012018-Apr-06TX Rep. Farenthold resigns amid payment scandal
2017-Dec-01 Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI, may testify against Trump
2017-Nov-272018-Jan-10Who is head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?
2017-Nov-16 NJ: Mistrial in Sen. Menendez corruption trial
2017-Nov-132018-Jan-24Senate confirms former Eli Lilly exec to head HHS
2017-Nov-13 Federal judge nominee has conflicts of interest, little experience
2017-Nov-01 Rule allowing class action suits against banks nullified.
2017-Oct-30 Campaign aide told Trump about Russian connections
2017-Oct-30 Former Trump campaign aides indicted for Ukraine deals
2017-Oct-12 Reimbursements for low-income coverage to stop
2017-Oct-052017-Oct-21PA: Rep. Tim Murphy resigns over abortion request
2017-Sep-30 House casts (symbolic) vote to end Civil Asset Forfeiture
2017-Sep-29 HHS Secretary Tom Price resigns
2017-Sep-26 Latest ObamaCare repeal attempt pulled
2017-Sep-20 Trump nominee "almost certainly" voted illegally
2017-Sep-192017-Sep-26Senate giving ObamaCare repeal big final push
2017-Sep-19 Trump's legal fees being paid by campaign funds
2017-Sep-14 Sabotaging ObamaCare could cause steep premium jumps
2017-Sep-12 Education Dept looks to change sexual assault guidelines
2017-Sep-08 Drink water? You're probably drinking plastic, too.
2017-Sep-01 ObamaCare repeal attempts likely over at month's end
2017-Aug-292017-Aug-31Trump attorney asked for Kremlin help on deal
2017-Aug-28 Trump Re-OKs transfers of military weapons to police
2017-Aug-25 Trump pardons AZ sheriff convicted of ignoring judge
2017-Aug-11 House announces new attempt to repeal ObamaCare
2017-Aug-08 USDA agency to staff... Don't say climate change
2017-Aug-05 Bipartisan group seeks to fix ObamaCare problems
2017-Aug-03 Senate will prevent Trump appointments while on break
2017-Aug-032017-Aug-10Senate bills would make it hard for Trump to fire Mueller
2017-Aug-022017-Aug-10Bill limits president's power to lift Russian sanctions
2017-Jul-28 Senate fails to pass ObamaCare repeal
2017-Jul-26 Trump bans transgendered from serving in military
2017-Jul-25 Senate votes to debate ObamaCare replacement
2017-Jul-19 Trump cabinet members to speak at ALEC event
2017-Jul-182018-Sep-15Trump profits most from his properties that he visits
2017-Jul-18 ObamaCare safe for now - but what next?
2017-Jul-17 How to unconstitutionally defund an organization constitutionally
2017-Jul-17 Voting fraud fabricator named to investigate voting fraud
2017-Jul-17 It takes a trick to eliminate the ObamaCare mandate
2017-Jul-13 Arctic oil exploration could resume in December
2017-Jul-10 Supreme Court - Law can't base citizenship on parent's gender
2017-Jul-102017-Aug-29Trump's son met to get Russian government info on Clinton
2017-Jul-012017-Jul-13Florida residents can challenge science-based education
2017-Jun-27 Senate postpones vote on ObamaCare replacement
2017-Jun-25 Trump reinstates Cuba travel restrictions
2017-Jun-22 Senate reveals ObamaCare replacement
2017-Jun-142017-Jun-15Rep. Steve Scalise shot while playing baseball
2017-Jun-14 Congressional Democrats sue Trump over emoluments
2017-Jun-12 COVFEFE Act would make presidential tweets official records
2017-Jun-122018-Dec-03Attorneys General sue Trump over business conflicts
2017-Jun-082017-Jun-20House passes bill to revoke consumer and financial protections
2017-Jun-07 FBI nominee has ties to Christie, Russia
2017-Jun-06 Debt Ceiling looms after year-long respite
2017-Jun-05 VA awards contract with no competition - and no price
2017-Jun-02 US to withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement
2017-May-252017-Jun-12Montana's new rep may serve 2 terms - concurrently
2017-May-23 Rule protecting retirement will take effect in June
2017-May-22 Supreme Court - NC districts unfair to black voters
2017-May-17 Special Counsel to investigate Trump-Russia connection
2017-May-17 Ryan hushes McCarthy on Putin paying Trump
2017-May-152017-May-22Trump discloses classified Israeli intelligence to Russia
2017-May-112017-May-30Deadline to revoke Obama-era regulations expires
2017-May-10 EPA removes climate change data from website
2017-May-10 Methane Reduction Rule survives attempt to revoke it
2017-May-10 Senate subpoenas documents on Russia
2017-May-092017-May-10Trump fires FBI director leading probe against him
2017-May-05 Trump praises Universal Health Care system
2017-May-05 Rep. Labrador: Nobody dies from lack of health care
2017-May-05 The language of bills impedes democracy
2017-May-04 House passes ObamaCare replacement bill
2017-May-022017-May-08Bill would allow workers to take time off rather than overtime
2017-Apr-28 Threatened government shutdown put on hold
2017-Apr-26 Trump orders review of National Monuments
2017-Apr-25 White House refuses Congress' request for Flynn documents
2017-Apr-24 Rep wants to charge new service members for GI Bill
2017-Apr-13 Planned Parenthood protection revoked
2017-Apr-07 Senate confirms Gorsuch to Supreme Court
2017-Apr-06 Senate eliminates filibuster for Supreme Court justices
2017-Apr-06 Criminal investigations slowed due to Trump security
2017-Apr-062017-Jul-14Kushner omits Russian meetings on clearance application
2017-Apr-06 Rep. Nunes recuses self from Russia investigation
2017-Apr-06 CA Rep. Devin Nunes investigated for classified disclosures
2017-Apr-032017-Apr-20Bill would provide free college for all
2017-Mar-302017-Apr-03Info Nunes gave to White House came from White House
2017-Mar-30 EPA allows pesticide it previously recommended banning
2017-Mar-30 House will pay ObamaCare subsidies it fought to withold
2017-Mar-29 Congress revokes Obama internet privacy protections
2017-Mar-27 House Intel Committee cancels Trump-Russia public hearing
2017-Mar-272017-Apr-19Trump signs bill to revoke Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces order
2017-Mar-24 ObamaCare replacement pulled minutes before vote
2017-Mar-23 Bill would require presidents to disclose visitors
2017-Mar-22 Paul Manafort proposed influence plan to Russia 10 years ago
2017-Mar-20 ObamaCare replacement would cut health care, benefit wealthy
2017-Mar-07 New bill would make Washington, D.C. 51st state
2017-Mar-07 House Intelligence Committee to hold public hearing on Russia
2017-Mar-02 AG Sessions recuses self from Russia investigation
2017-Mar-01 Supreme Court - VA districts race-based
2017-Feb-272017-Mar-05House vote shows who doesn't want Trump's tax returns
2017-Feb-21 Deportation plan would cost taxpayers more than $30 billion
2017-Feb-212017-Mar-05Trump passes on first real chance to end ObamaCare
2017-Feb-17 Ski resorts in Alps could lose 70 percent of snow by 2100
2017-Feb-162017-Apr-27Senate confirms Alexander Acosta for Secretary of Labor
2017-Feb-15 Andrew Puzder withdraws from Labor Secretary consideration
2017-Feb-14 Paul: Republicans shouldn't investigate Republicans
2017-Feb-14 Rule to disclose payments to foreign governments nullified
2017-Feb-14 Trump campaign aides had year-long contact with Russia
2017-Feb-142017-Feb-22Bills would eliminate Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
2017-Feb-132017-Feb-14Nat'l Security Adviser Flynn resigns - what we know
2017-Feb-13 ND tries to make it legal to run down protestors
2017-Feb-09 Strange replacement for Sessions' Senate seat
2017-Feb-082017-Feb-15Congress pulls rule keeping guns from mentally unstable
2017-Feb-07 Bill would terminate the Department of Education
2017-Feb-032017-Feb-16Congress revokes Stream Protection rule
2017-Feb-032017-Feb-20Fla. Rep wants U.S. to inhabit the moon
2017-Feb-032017-Feb-16Bill would terminate Environmental Protection Agency
2017-Feb-03 House resolution would remove protections for prepaid cards
2017-Feb-02 Constitutional amendment proposed to prohibit flag desecration
2017-Feb-02 Trump: Religions should be able to endorse candidates
2017-Feb-012017-Feb-21House bill would make Right-to-Work the national law
2017-Feb-012017-Feb-10Congress proposes revoking protection from explosions
2017-Jan-312017-Mar-05House: Sell federal lands and drop BLM management
2017-Jan-31 President nominates Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court
2017-Jan-23 New FCC chair opposes net neutrality, supports media mergers
2017-Jan-23 No funding to foreign organizations that counsel on abortion
2017-Jan-202017-Jan-24Trump order demands ObamaCare changes. What changes?
2017-Jan-20 First Trump impact - the White House website
2017-Jan-20 Trump reverses savings on mortgage premiums
2017-Jan-19 Coal states sue to stop Stream Protection Rule
2017-Jan-192017-Apr-24Senate confirms Sonny Perdue for Secretary of Agriculture
2017-Jan-18 2016 was hottest year on record
2017-Jan-12 Obama ends Cuban immigration amnesty
2017-Jan-112017-Feb-13Senate confirms David Shulkin for Secretary of Veterans Affairs
2017-Jan-09 FHA insurance price cut will save homeowners hundreds
2017-Jan-07 Ethics office concerned over rapid confirmation hearings
2017-Jan-06 U.S. Intel - Russia tried to influence election
2017-Jan-05 Living near a freeway may cause dementia
2017-Jan-042017-May-02Senate confirms Jay Clayton to head SEC
2017-Jan-032017-May-11Senate confirms Robert Lighthizer for U.S. Trade Rep.
2017-Jan-03 House grants itself special powers
2017-Jan-022017-Jan-03Republicans vote to gut ethics office (but then reverse)
2016-Dec-24 North Pole 20 degrees warmer than average Christmas Eve
2016-Dec-20 Obama bans oil drilling off much of Alaska and east coast
2016-Dec-202017-Jan-04Trump may keep private security while president
2016-Dec-162017-Feb-16Senate confirms Rep. Mick Mulvaney to direct OMB
2016-Dec-152017-Mar-01Senate confirms Rep. Ryan Zinke for Secretary of Interior
2016-Dec-132017-Mar-02Senate confirms Rick Perry for Energy Secretary
2016-Dec-122018-Mar-13Trump fires Sec. of State Tillerson
2016-Dec-092017-Feb-14Senate confirms Linda McMahon to direct SBA
2016-Dec-08 Trump nominates Andrew Puzder for Labor secretary
2016-Dec-072017-Jan-20Senate confirms John Kelly for Homeland Security
2016-Dec-072017-Feb-17Senate confirms Scott Pruitt to head EPA
2016-Dec-052017-Mar-02Senate confirms Ben Carson for HUD secretary
2016-Dec-012017-Jan-20Senate confirms James Mattis for Defense Secretary
2016-Nov-302017-Feb-13Senate confirms Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary
2016-Nov-292017-Jan-31Senate confirms Elaine Chao for Transportation Secretary
2016-Nov-282017-Feb-10Senate confirms Rep. Tom Price for HHS
2016-Nov-232017-Feb-07Senate confirms Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary
2016-Nov-232017-Jan-24Senate confirms Nikki Haley for U.N. Ambassador
2016-Nov-18 Arctic drilling banned through 2022
2016-Nov-18 Republicans threaten to disallow filibuster for Supreme Court
2016-Nov-182017-Feb-08Senate confirms Sen. Jeff Sessions for Atty General
2016-Nov-172017-Feb-27Senate confirms Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary
2016-Nov-13 Trump picks Reince Priebus to be his Chief of Staff
2016-Nov-01 Write-in vote could be world's quietest protest
2016-Oct-26 Republicans may indefinitely block Supreme Court justices
2016-Oct-242016-Nov-17ObamaCare premium increases - the reality
2016-Oct-05 New protections for users of prepaid cards
2016-Sep-272016-Oct-19House votes to delay overtime protection
2016-Sep-122016-Dec-14Bill would prevent companies from squelching bad reviews
2016-Sep-122016-Sep-22Bill would make it easier to buy event tickets
2016-Sep-08 Wells Fargo fined for creating secret accounts
2016-Sep-06 Air Force hiring more private contractors to pilot its drones
2016-Sep-042016-Sep-08Coastal flooding will cost taxpayers billions
2016-Aug-31 KY Rep. Ed Whitfield resigns over ethics investigation
2016-Aug-312017-Mar-23CA Rep. Duncan Hunter referred to Ethics Committee
2016-Aug-312016-Nov-29IN Rep. Marlin Stutzman referred to Ethics Committee
2016-Aug-172016-Aug-18NC Rep. Mark Meadows referred to Ethics Committee
2016-Jul-20 HI Rep. Mark Takai dies
2016-Jul-122016-Sep-02Washington, DC residents to vote on statehood
2016-Jun-30 Transgender people may serve in military
2016-Jun-022017-Oct-05Regulations would curtail payday loan debt cycle
2016-May-26 Making federal election days national holidays
2016-May-25 House votes to restrict Washington, D.C. budget
2016-May-242016-May-31Senate looks to increase TSA funding
2016-May-242016-Jun-07Many inmates kept in prison after sentences end
2016-May-18 More workers to get overtime pay
2016-May-132016-Aug-11TX Rep. Roger Williams referred to Ethics Committee
2016-May-10 Bill would create government based media agency
2016-May-05 E-cigarette sales now limited to those over 18
2016-May-02 Toddlers have shot more than 20 people so far this year
2016-May-02 Slower airport security could mean 3-hour lines
2016-Apr-28 Draft for military service might include women
2016-Apr-28 In a car crash? The Textalyzer can test for distracted driving
2016-Apr-262016-Jun-14Congress proposes hiding large campaign donors from IRS
2016-Apr-22 Virginia restores voting rights to past felons
2016-Apr-21 Rep. Gohmert urges boycott of Target over LGBT policies
2016-Apr-212016-Jun-01Wisconsin town to tap drinking water from Lake Michigan
2016-Apr-04 Fiduciary Rule will protect those investing for retirement
2016-Mar-30 FAA funding extended to consider privatizing Air Traffic Control
2016-Mar-232016-May-11Bill would require ID to buy prepaid phones
2016-Mar-16 President nominates Merrick Garland to Supreme Court
2016-Mar-04 Our government (as we know it) turns 227 years old today
2016-Feb-14 Senate Republicans say they'll refuse to consider new justices
2016-Feb-13 Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died
2016-Feb-11 Congress proposes privatizing Air Traffic Control in US
2016-Feb-032016-Feb-09Nearly 150 wrongly convicted people exonerated last year
2016-Jan-20 2015 was hottest year on record
2016-Jan-062016-Apr-05FL Rep. Alan Grayson referred to Ethics Committee
2015-Dec-31 Microbeads in soaps and cosmetics banned
2015-Nov-06 Obama rejects construction of Keystone XL Pipeline
2015-Oct-302015-Dec-14CO Rep. Jared Polis referred to Ethics Committee
2015-Oct-29 Paul Ryan elected Speaker of the House
2015-Oct-05 Textbook refers to slaves as "workers"
2015-Sep-252015-Oct-08House Speaker John Boehner to resign from Congress
2015-Sep-23 "Happy Birthday to You" is free to be played
2015-Aug-312015-Sep-04Supreme Court: KY clerk must issue same-sex marriage licenses
2015-Aug-28 Mt. Mckinley renamed to Denali
2015-Aug-27 Did you buy StarKist tuna recently? You're entitled to $25.
2015-Jul-29 Fiat-Chrysler fined $105 million for 11 million mishandled recalls
2015-Jul-292016-Dec-12PA Rep. Chaka Fattah sentenced for corruption
2015-Jul-09 20 million Social Security numbers stolen from government computers
2015-Jul-09 FDA calls for ibprofen warning about heart attacks
2015-Jul-08 Administration lays out new rules to encourage neighborhood integration
2015-Jul-08 Google searches for high-paying jobs favor males, study shows
2015-Jul-08 Time Warner must pay woman $200,000 for robocalls
2015-Jun-30 States resisting same-sex marriage ruling
2015-Jun-29 Supreme Court ruling could make Congressional districts competitive
2015-Jun-25 Supreme Court: Same-sex marriage is a Constitutional right
2015-Jun-25 Supreme Court preserves ObamaCare subsidies in all states
2015-Jun-25 Supreme Court: Discrimination doesn't need to be intentional
2015-Jun-18 FCC makes it easier for you to control telemarketers
2015-Jun-052015-Sep-03CA Rep. Mike Honda referred to Ethics Committee
2015-Jun-02 TSA screeners fail more than 95 percent of security tests
2015-May-29 Road and bridge repairs extended 2 more months
2015-May-19 Does your car have killer airbags? What you should know.
2015-May-18 Local police barred from receiving military equipment
2015-May-132015-May-14House votes to ban abortions after 5 months
2015-May-082015-Oct-07IL Rep. Danny K. Davis referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07TX Rep. Ted Poe referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07NJ Rep. Leonard Lance referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07NY Rep. Yvette Clark referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07NY Rep. Gregory Meeks referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Jul-31TX Rep. Ruben Hinojosa referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07TX Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07OK Rep. Jim Bridenstine referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07NM Rep. Michelle Lujan-Grisham referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-05 NY: Dan Donovan wins special election to replace Michael Grimm
2015-Apr-29 Rep. Bill Flores blames Baltimore unrest on same-sex marriage
2015-Apr-24 Senate confirms Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General
2015-Apr-232015-May-29Senate passes bill to fight human trafficking
2015-Apr-21 Trek recalling almost a million bikes after serious injuries
2015-Apr-15 Budget cuts take the "service" out of Internal Revenue Service
2015-Apr-01 NJ: Sen. Robert Menendez indicted for bribery
2015-Mar-31 Arizona doctors must give unproven information before abortion
2015-Mar-25 ObamaCare exchange users will need to reconcile with IRS
2015-Mar-25 Supreme Court - AL districts unfair to blacks
2015-Mar-19 to test delivery drones outdoors
2015-Mar-162015-Apr-21Attorney General nomination held up for Trafficking bill
2015-Mar-162016-Nov-10IL: Former Rep. Aaaron Schock indicted for campaign fund misuse
2015-Mar-15 Human Trafficking bill held up over abortion, politics
2015-Mar-09 Credit reporting agencies will become more consumer-friendly
2015-Mar-052015-Mar-09Snuggies marketer pulled the wool over consumers' eyes
2015-Mar-042015-Mar-05Supreme Court hears case that could cost millions health insurance
2015-Feb-26 Sen. James Inhofe uses snow to tell Senate global warming isn't problem
2015-Feb-20 Extended enrollment period for ObamaCare insurance announced
2015-Feb-192015-Mar-19Major retailers are increasing their minimum wages
2015-Feb-12 Senate confirms Ashton Carter as Defense Secretary
2015-Feb-09 Supreme Court: Alabama must allow same-sex marriages
2015-Feb-06 MS: Rep. Alan Nunnelee dies
2015-Jan-21 Republicans doctor State of Union Address
2015-Jan-20 Just so you'll know how your representatives act
2015-Jan-162015-Jan-19Supreme Court will decide if states can deny same-sex marriages
2015-Jan-16 Will aspirin save you from heart attacks? Maybe.
2015-Jan-15 Americans now allowed to visit Cuba
2015-Jan-132016-May-10New effort to create 51st state in Washington, DC
2015-Jan-09 House passes bill to relax ObamaCare employer requirements
2015-Jan-02 IRS wants you to reconcile your ObamaCare subsidy
2014-Dec-31 UN rejects proposal for independent Palestine
2014-Dec-292014-Dec-31NY: Rep. Michael Grimm to resign House seat Jan. 5
2014-Dec-24 FDA will lift lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men
2014-Dec-23 Study links fast food consumption to lower academic performance
2014-Dec-23 NY: Rep. Michael Grimm pleads guilty to tax fraud
2014-Dec-17 Obama loosens restrictions on Cuba travel, business
2014-Dec-07 ObamaCare premium jumped? How to cure it.
2014-Dec-05 Obama nominates Ashton Carter for Defense Secretary
2014-Nov-24 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigns
2014-Nov-192015-Jan-06Airlines sue website offering cheaper tickets to hidden cities
2014-Nov-17 How safe is your pension? Agency releases report.
2014-Nov-08 Obama nominates Loretta Lynch for Attorney General
2014-Sep-25 Attorney General Eric Holder announces resignation
2014-Sep-14 Car safety agency routinely ingored deadly problems
2014-Aug-12 Car thefts are decreasing
2014-Aug-10 How to borrow money while making it look like revenue
2014-Aug-08 Road and bridge repairs given 10-month extension
2014-Aug-01 VA: Rep. Eric Cantor will resign Aug. 18
2014-Aug-01 You legally can unlock your cell phone again
2014-Jul-22 TSA fees increasing, but little goes to security
2014-Jul-10 IRS budget cut would hurt services and reduce enforcement
2014-Jul-09 Insurnace buyers on exchange not told of narrowed networks
2014-Jun-302014-Jul-10Court: Corporations entitled to religious protections
2014-Jun-26 Supreme Court: Obama recess appointments are unconstitutional
2014-Jun-25 Supreme Court: Warrant required to search mobile phones
2014-Jun-252014-Jun-26New unemployment benefits bill introduced in Senate
2014-Jun-17 Labor Department plans for minimum wage increase
2014-Jun-012015-Oct-23EPA to cut emissions from coal-fired powerplants
2014-May-23 Government wants airlines and travel agents to disclose fees
2014-May-22 Racial bias shown at crosswalks
2014-May-01 Why would protecting firefighters extend unemployment benefits?
2014-Apr-28 NY: Rep. Michael Grimm indicted for tax fraud
2014-Apr-24 FDA plans to regulate e-cigarettes
2014-Apr-08 Senate passes unemployment benefits extension
2014-Apr-02 Supreme Court invalidates federal campaign contribution limit
2014-Mar-312014-Nov-27Cars will have rear-view cameras by 2018
2014-Mar-12 FL: David Jolly wins mid-term election to replace Bill Young
2014-Feb-28 FDA proposes more informative food nutritional labels
2014-Feb-26 House passes bill to re-allow cell phone unlocking
2014-Feb-12 What's the fastest way to pass a bill?
2014-Feb-12 President demands higher minimum wage for federal contractors
2014-Feb-112014-Feb-12Congress approves Debt Ceiling increase
2014-Feb-09 MT: Sen. Max Baucus resigns to become ambassador to China
2014-Feb-06 Senate again refuses to advance unemployment benefits extension
2014-Jan-27 FL: Rep Trey Radel resigns from Congress
2014-Jan-23 GA Rep. Jack Kingston: Poor kids should sweep floor for lunch
2014-Jan-192014-Jan-23Members of Congress take expense-paid vacations with lobbyists
2014-Jan-16 Senate delays unemployment benefits extension until at least Feb
2014-Jan-07 Senate votes to allow debate on unemployment insurance extension
2013-Dec-282014-Jan-03Unemployment insurance drops to 26 weeks - millions cut off
2013-Dec-17 Senate bill would provide for health care to every American
2013-Dec-05 FTC will investigate ads disguised as news content
2013-Dec-032013-Dec-11Ban on undetectable guns renewed for 10 years
2013-Nov-222013-Nov-28Senate stops filibusters against presidential appointments
2013-Nov-152013-Nov-16President to allow people to keep existing health insurance policies
2013-Nov-12 Senate passes bill prohibiting discrimination on sexual orientation
2013-Nov-07 Credit Card protection law saving consumers $20 billion a year
2013-Nov-072015-Jun-16FDA to ban trans fats in food
2013-Nov-06 Budget stalemate is endangering the food you eat
2013-Oct-18 FL: Rep C.W. Bill Young dies
2013-Oct-172013-Oct-18Congress restores government funding through January
2013-Oct-13 Government shutdown was a tactic planned months ago
2013-Oct-02 States refusing Medicaid expansion leave poorest uncovered
2013-Sep-29 ObamaCare opens for business October 1
2013-Sep-24 Top 1% saw 95% of recovery from recent recession
2013-Sep-22 Exchanges: Cheaper insurance but with fewer doctor choices
2013-Sep-022013-Sep-03IRS allows same-sex couples to file joint return
2013-Aug-202013-Aug-21Administration delays ObamaCare out-of-pocket protections
2013-Aug-06 LA: Rep. Rodney Alexander resigns
2013-Jun-27 Supreme Court: Same-sex couples entitled to federal benefits
2013-Jun-272013-Aug-25Supreme Court nullifies key part of Voting Rights Act
2013-Jun-26 3 out of 4 Americans lack sufficient emergency savings
2013-Jun-18 Restrictive Arizona voter registration law overturned
2013-Jun-06 NJ: Jeff Chiesa appointed to replace Lautenberg in Senate
2013-Jun-05 MO: Jason Smith elected to replace Jo Ann Emerson
2013-Jun-05 Supreme Court: DNA samples may be taken from arrestees
2013-Jun-03 NJ: Sen. Frank Lautenberg dies
2013-May-31 Economy recovering as a whole, but not for most Americans
2013-May-27 Groups targeted by IRS were violating tax-exempt provision
2013-May-23 Bill provides hard path to citizenship, easy path to tech companies
2013-May-22 Bill would prohibit IRS from conducting audits
2013-May-19 IRS targets conservative nonprofit applications - what's behind it?
2013-May-13 Justice Department spied on Associated Press
2013-May-12 Tech companies lobby Congress to allow more foreign workers
2013-May-08 Governent makes hospital prices public for first time
2013-May-07 SC: Former Gov. Mark Sanford elected to House
2013-May-07 Several states refusing funds to provide health care to neediest
2013-May-07 Senate approves letting states collect sales tax from online retailers
2013-Apr-30 How to apply for health insurance under "ObamaCare"
2013-Apr-26 Congress votes to relieve air travel delays
2013-Apr-24 Air travelers feeling the impact of the "sequester"
2013-Apr-24 South Dakota taxpayers support legislators' ALEC memberships
2013-Apr-24 SEC considering making companies disclose political donations
2013-Apr-22 Cybersecurity bill would create personal information free-for-all
2013-Apr-18 Senate effectively kills gun control - for now
2013-Apr-18 Gun control bill amendments would have hindered enforcement
2013-Apr-18 Senate rejects ban on assault weapons
2013-Apr-17 Filibuster rules help kill background check law
2013-Apr-15 Obama budget hits Social Security and middle class hardest
2013-Apr-11 Background check bill exludes 80 percent of criminal guns
2013-Apr-10 Saturday mail delivery to continue, USPS announces
2013-Apr-09 IL: Robin Kelly elected to replace Jesse L. Jackson
2013-Apr-07 ALEC expands push for taxpayer funding of private schools
2013-Apr-05 Ohio illegally jailing people who can't afford fines
2013-Apr-04 States propose to strengthen, loosen gun restrictions
2013-Apr-03 Changing jobs? 401(k) rollover advice often misleading
2013-Apr-03 Voucher programs expand despite lack of evidence
2013-Apr-01 "ObamaCare" means new terminology
2013-Apr-01 Insurance choices likely to be delayed a year
2013-Mar-27 Taxes simple and for free? Not if Intuit has a say (and it does)
2013-Mar-22 Bill preventing government shutdown has corporate perks
2013-Mar-20 More Americans delaying retirement due to economy
2013-Mar-20 Senate proposes four gun laws
2013-Mar-18 U.S. fisheries recovering as result of 1996 law
2013-Mar-14 Government releases forms for applying to insurance exchanges
2013-Mar-14 Higher health insurance premiums face individuals
2013-Mar-12 Ryan budget would cut taxes for wealthy, services for poor
2013-Mar-05 Senate proposes increasing minimum wage to $10.10
2013-Mar-05 White House, Congress seek to legalize cell phone unlocking
2013-Mar-04 Corporate profits high, salaries remain low
2013-Feb-27 How will the sequester affect you?
2013-Feb-27 Senate confirms Hagel as Secretary of Defense
2013-Feb-23 Report criticizes regional airline practices
2013-Feb-15 Republican senators filibuster Hagel nomination
2013-Feb-12 Senate bill would end overseas tax breaks
2013-Feb-12 New health care practices lowering costs
2013-Feb-11 One in five report errors on their credit reports
2013-Feb-07 USPS plans to stop Saturday mail delivery
2013-Feb-07 Least discussed tax taking biggest toll on most Americans
2013-Feb-06 White House turns over document justifying killing of U.S. citizens
2013-Feb-05 Report details CIA torture programs
2013-Jan-30 MA: William Cowan chosen to replace John Kerry in Senate
2013-Jan-29 MA: John Kerry leaves Senate to become Secretary of State
2013-Jan-27 Senators propose path to citizenship for all immigrants
2013-Jan-25 Court overturns Obama recess appointments
2013-Jan-24 Senate agrees to filibuster rules
2013-Jan-24 Senate to introduce assault weapon ban
2013-Jan-23 Former representatives become lobbyists
2013-Jan-22 MO: Rep. Jo Ann Emerson resigns
2013-Jan-22 Senate continues negotiations on filibuster
2013-Jan-16 Obama announces executive actions after mass shootings
2013-Jan-02 Congress approves bill to raise taxes, delay automatic cuts
2012-Dec-27 HI: Brian Schatz chosen to replace late Sen. Daniel Inouye
2012-Dec-20 The recent evolution of assault weapon laws
2012-Dec-17 HI: Sen. Daniel Inouye dies from respiratory complications
2012-Dec-13 World life expectancies increasing - U.S. lags behind
2012-Dec-09 Smartphone apps for children don't disclose personal data they gather
2012-Dec-05 Would eliminating deductions solve our financial issues?
2012-Dec-04 Obama and Boehner propose competing "Fiscal Cliff" proposals
2012-Nov-29 UN votes to recognize Palestine as state
2012-Nov-28 Tobacco companies ordered to admit smoking danger lies
2012-Nov-28 BP suspended from federal contracts due to Gulf of Mexico disaster
2012-Nov-16 The "Fiscal Cliff" - How might it affect taxpayers?
2012-Nov-01 Congression Research Service pulls Tax Rate Report
2012-Oct-24 U.S. suppressed Deepwater Horizon spill's effect on whales
2012-Oct-15 U.S. exports to Iran increase despite sanctions
2012-Oct-15 Seniors losing homes due to reverse mortgages
2012-Sep-24 2012 Elections - Citizens United Super PACs account for more than 75%
2012-Sep-07 New medical care delivery model saves patients, money
2012-Aug-21 Court invalidates EPA Cross-State Pollution Rule
2012-Aug-20 Tax-exempt organizations form to secretly influence elections
2012-Aug-14 CA: Rep. Dennis Cardoza resigns from Congress
2012-Aug-10 Crop shortage will affect food prices, fuel production
2012-Aug-09 Google Fined for Privacy Violations
2012-Jul-31 KY: Rep. Geoff Davis resigns from Congress
2012-Jul-28 Doctor shortage challenges increased coverage
2012-Jul-24 Enrollment declining in large public school districts
2012-Jul-19 Senate Republicans filibuster campaign disclosure
2012-Jul-18 Voter ID places insurmountable barriers to millons
2012-Jul-18 Consumer Protection agency forces Capital One reimbursement
2012-Jul-17 Greenland loses 46 square mile glacier
2012-Jul-16 MSNBC splits into Microsoft and NBC
2012-Jul-16 Resource: Drought Monitor
2012-Jul-12 Drought affecting more than half of U.S.
2012-Jul-05 MI: Rep. Thaddeus McCotter resigns from Congress
2011-Nov-17 Just so you'll know how your representatives act
2010-Mar-15 J.D. Hayworth... same-sex marriage could lead to marrying horses
2010-Feb-22 EPA delays implementation of coal pollution regulation
2007-Sep-052007-Oct-19Live nukes mistakenly flown over U.S.
What happens when a member of Congress leaves mid-term?
Why does a senator change his vote after an issue is decided?
Why does it take 60 votes for a bill to proceed in the Senate?