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Gov: The President
2019-Mar-13 Manafort indicted on NY fraud charges
2019-Feb-272019-Mar-07Former Trump attorney lays out possible Trump crimes
2019-Feb-262019-Feb-28Law requires Trump to disclose taxes. But go make him.
2019-Feb-07 House to investigate possible Trump money laundering
2018-Dec-10 Trump defends Saudis while taking their money
2018-Dec-03 Congress tries to impose its will on Russia investigation
2018-Oct-15 NYT: Trump fortune built on fraud, cost gov't half billion
2018-Sep-142018-Mar-13Former Trump campaign head pleads guilty, will cooperate
2018-Aug-212019-Mar-07Trump's former campaign manager convicted
2018-Aug-21 Trump's former lawyer pleads guilty, implicates president in felonies
2018-May-082018-May-17Trump's lawyer's company received millions in payments
2018-Apr-09 EPA head Pruitt faces multiple ethics investigations
2018-Apr-052018-Apr-21CFPB top salaries under Mulvaney soar
2018-Mar-092018-Mar-15Trump pardons sailor for nuclear sub photos
2018-Feb-28 Dozens of Trump aides lose top-secret clearances
2018-Feb-23 RNC pays rent for Trump campaign - in Trump Tower
2018-Feb-12 White House proposes eliminating civil rights agency
2018-Jan-25 Trump ordered Mueller fired. White House counsel refused
2017-Sep-19 Trump's legal fees being paid by campaign funds
2017-Aug-25 Trump pardons AZ sheriff convicted of ignoring judge
2017-Aug-032017-Aug-10Senate bills would make it hard for Trump to fire Mueller
2017-Jul-182018-Sep-15Trump profits most from his properties that he visits
2017-Jun-12 COVFEFE Act would make presidential tweets official records
2017-Jun-122018-Dec-03Attorneys General sue Trump over business conflicts
2017-Jun-05 VA awards contract with no competition - and no price
2017-May-10 EPA removes climate change data from website
2017-Apr-06 Criminal investigations slowed due to Trump security
2017-Mar-23 Bill would require presidents to disclose visitors
2017-Feb-272017-Mar-05House vote shows who doesn't want Trump's tax returns
2017-Jan-20 First Trump impact - the White House website