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Consumer Issues: Unfair Practices
2018-Nov-142018-Nov-17DeVos sued for not implementing student loan protections
2018-Oct-012018-Oct-12Judge supports relief for defrauded federal student loan borrowers
2018-Aug-102018-Aug-20CFBP to stop oversight of predatory lending to military members
2018-Jun-252018-Jul-09Supreme Court: Merchants can't suggest cost-saving credit card
2018-Apr-232018-May-21Car loan minority protections repealed
2018-Apr-112018-Apr-21CFPB enforcements dwindle under Trump appointee
2018-Apr-092018-Apr-18Payday loan companies sue to prevent regulations
2017-Nov-01 Rule allowing class action suits against banks nullified.
2017-Jun-082017-Jun-20House passes bill to revoke consumer and financial protections
2017-May-23 Rule protecting retirement will take effect in June
2017-Feb-142017-Feb-22Bills would eliminate Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
2017-Feb-03 House resolution would remove protections for prepaid cards
2016-Oct-05 New protections for users of prepaid cards
2016-Sep-122016-Dec-14Bill would prevent companies from squelching bad reviews
2016-Sep-122016-Sep-22Bill would make it easier to buy event tickets
2016-Sep-08 Wells Fargo fined for creating secret accounts
2016-Jun-022017-Oct-05Regulations would curtail payday loan debt cycle
2016-Apr-04 Fiduciary Rule will protect those investing for retirement
2015-Aug-27 Did you buy StarKist tuna recently? You're entitled to $25.
2015-Jul-08 Time Warner must pay woman $200,000 for robocalls
2015-Jun-18 FCC makes it easier for you to control telemarketers
2015-Mar-09 Credit reporting agencies will become more consumer-friendly
2015-Mar-052015-Mar-09Snuggies marketer pulled the wool over consumers' eyes
2013-Dec-05 FTC will investigate ads disguised as news content
2013-Nov-07 Credit Card protection law saving consumers $20 billion a year
2013-Apr-03 Changing jobs? 401(k) rollover advice often misleading
2013-Feb-11 One in five report errors on their credit reports
2012-Oct-15 Seniors losing homes due to reverse mortgages