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Gov: Bad Politics
2019-Jun-102019-Jun-17DOT helps Mitch McConnell's state fund projects
2019-Jan-17 Racist remarks cost Iowa Rep. King committees
2018-Nov-182018-Nov-21Trump tweets Schitt - gets Constitution wrong
2018-Oct-062018-Oct-13Grassley - Judiciary Committee too much work for women
2018-Aug-08 Republicans discuss protecting Trump from Russia probe
2018-Apr-07 SC Rep. Norman pulls loaded gun at meeting
2018-Feb-26 Rep. Devin Nunes has his own news site
2018-Feb-22 NY Rep. Tenney claims mass shooters are Democrats.
2018-Feb-152018-Feb-16National official's European vacation (on public dime)
2017-May-17 Ryan hushes McCarthy on Putin paying Trump
2017-May-05 Rep. Labrador: Nobody dies from lack of health care
2017-Feb-14 Paul: Republicans shouldn't investigate Republicans
2017-Jan-022017-Jan-03Republicans vote to gut ethics office (but then reverse)
2016-Apr-21 Rep. Gohmert urges boycott of Target over LGBT policies
2015-Apr-29 Rep. Bill Flores blames Baltimore unrest on same-sex marriage
2015-Mar-162015-Apr-21Attorney General nomination held up for Trafficking bill
2015-Mar-15 Human Trafficking bill held up over abortion, politics
2015-Feb-26 Sen. James Inhofe uses snow to tell Senate global warming isn't problem
2015-Jan-21 Republicans doctor State of Union Address
2015-Jan-20 Just so you'll know how your representatives act
2014-Aug-10 How to borrow money while making it look like revenue
2014-Jan-23 GA Rep. Jack Kingston: Poor kids should sweep floor for lunch
2014-Jan-192014-Jan-23Members of Congress take expense-paid vacations with lobbyists
2011-Nov-17 Just so you'll know how your representatives act
2010-Mar-15 J.D. Hayworth... same-sex marriage could lead to marrying horses