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Gov: Members of Congress
2018-Sep-10 FL: Rep. Ron DeSantis resigns from Congress
2018-Aug-25 AZ: Sen. John McCain has died
2018-Aug-21 CA: Rep. Duncan Hunter indicted
2018-Aug-082018-Aug-11NY: Rep. Chris Collins indicted for insider trading
2017-Dec-12 AL: McConnell will delay seating elected senator
2017-Dec-08 AZ: Rep. Trent Franks resigns after asking aide to be surrogate
2017-Dec-07 MN: Sen. Al Franken to resign amid harassment accusations
2017-Dec-05 MI: Rep. John Conyers resigns amid harassment accusations
2017-Dec-012018-Apr-06TX Rep. Farenthold resigns amid payment scandal
2017-Nov-16 NJ: Mistrial in Sen. Menendez corruption trial
2017-Oct-052017-Oct-21PA: Rep. Tim Murphy resigns over abortion request
2017-Jun-142017-Jun-15Rep. Steve Scalise shot while playing baseball
2017-May-252017-Jun-12Montana's new rep may serve 2 terms - concurrently
2017-Apr-06 CA Rep. Devin Nunes investigated for classified disclosures
2016-Aug-312016-Nov-29IN Rep. Marlin Stutzman referred to Ethics Committee
2016-Aug-312017-Mar-23CA Rep. Duncan Hunter referred to Ethics Committee
2016-Aug-31 KY Rep. Ed Whitfield resigns over ethics investigation
2016-Aug-172016-Aug-18NC Rep. Mark Meadows referred to Ethics Committee
2016-Jul-20 HI Rep. Mark Takai dies
2016-May-132016-Aug-11TX Rep. Roger Williams referred to Ethics Committee
2016-Jan-062016-Apr-05FL Rep. Alan Grayson referred to Ethics Committee
2015-Oct-302015-Dec-14CO Rep. Jared Polis referred to Ethics Committee
2015-Oct-29 Paul Ryan elected Speaker of the House
2015-Sep-252015-Oct-08House Speaker John Boehner to resign from Congress
2015-Jul-292016-Dec-12PA Rep. Chaka Fattah sentenced for corruption
2015-Jun-052015-Sep-03CA Rep. Mike Honda referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Jul-31TX Rep. Ruben Hinojosa referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07IL Rep. Danny K. Davis referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07NM Rep. Michelle Lujan-Grisham referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07TX Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07TX Rep. Ted Poe referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07OK Rep. Jim Bridenstine referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07NY Rep. Yvette Clark referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07NJ Rep. Leonard Lance referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-082015-Oct-07NY Rep. Gregory Meeks referred to Ethics Committee
2015-May-05 NY: Dan Donovan wins special election to replace Michael Grimm
2015-Apr-01 NJ: Sen. Robert Menendez indicted for bribery
2015-Mar-162016-Nov-10IL: Former Rep. Aaaron Schock indicted for campaign fund misuse
2015-Feb-06 MS: Rep. Alan Nunnelee dies
2014-Dec-292014-Dec-31NY: Rep. Michael Grimm to resign House seat Jan. 5
2014-Dec-23 NY: Rep. Michael Grimm pleads guilty to tax fraud
2014-Aug-01 VA: Rep. Eric Cantor will resign Aug. 18
2014-Apr-28 NY: Rep. Michael Grimm indicted for tax fraud
2014-Mar-12 FL: David Jolly wins mid-term election to replace Bill Young
2014-Feb-09 MT: Sen. Max Baucus resigns to become ambassador to China
2014-Jan-27 FL: Rep Trey Radel resigns from Congress
2013-Oct-18 FL: Rep C.W. Bill Young dies
2013-Aug-06 LA: Rep. Rodney Alexander resigns
2013-Jun-06 NJ: Jeff Chiesa appointed to replace Lautenberg in Senate
2013-Jun-05 MO: Jason Smith elected to replace Jo Ann Emerson
2013-Jun-03 NJ: Sen. Frank Lautenberg dies
2013-May-07 SC: Former Gov. Mark Sanford elected to House
2013-Apr-09 IL: Robin Kelly elected to replace Jesse L. Jackson
2013-Jan-30 MA: William Cowan chosen to replace John Kerry in Senate
2013-Jan-29 MA: John Kerry leaves Senate to become Secretary of State
2013-Jan-22 MO: Rep. Jo Ann Emerson resigns
2012-Dec-27 HI: Brian Schatz chosen to replace late Sen. Daniel Inouye
2012-Dec-17 HI: Sen. Daniel Inouye dies from respiratory complications
2012-Aug-14 CA: Rep. Dennis Cardoza resigns from Congress
2012-Jul-31 KY: Rep. Geoff Davis resigns from Congress
2012-Jul-05 MI: Rep. Thaddeus McCotter resigns from Congress