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Environment: Policy
2018-Dec-062018-Dec-18EPA proposing relaxed restrictions on coal plants
2018-Jul-192018-Aug-03Administration proposes weakening Endangered Species Act
2018-Jul-05 EPA proposes repeal of Clean Power Plan
2018-May-142018-Jun-14Administration hides study showing dangers in drinking water
2018-Apr-022018-Apr-09EPA could cut car emissions standards
2018-Mar-052018-Mar-14Trump loosens restrictions on elephant hunting
2017-Aug-08 USDA agency to staff... Don't say climate change
2017-Jul-13 Arctic oil exploration could resume in December
2017-Jun-02 US to withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement
2017-May-10 Methane Reduction Rule survives attempt to revoke it
2017-Mar-30 EPA allows pesticide it previously recommended banning
2017-Feb-032017-Feb-16Bill would terminate Environmental Protection Agency
2017-Feb-032017-Feb-16Congress revokes Stream Protection rule
2017-Feb-012017-Feb-10Congress proposes revoking protection from explosions
2017-Jan-19 Coal states sue to stop Stream Protection Rule
2016-Dec-20 Obama bans oil drilling off much of Alaska and east coast
2016-Nov-18 Arctic drilling banned through 2022
2016-Apr-212016-Jun-01Wisconsin town to tap drinking water from Lake Michigan
2015-Dec-31 Microbeads in soaps and cosmetics banned
2015-Nov-06 Obama rejects construction of Keystone XL Pipeline
2014-Jun-012015-Oct-23EPA to cut emissions from coal-fired powerplants
2013-Mar-18 U.S. fisheries recovering as result of 1996 law
2012-Aug-21 Court invalidates EPA Cross-State Pollution Rule
2010-Feb-22 EPA delays implementation of coal pollution regulation