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Updated: 2019-Mar-20

The way our government affects us the most is by the public policies that it creates.

But sometimes you need to know how those policies were created in order to really tell whether the people you elect to represent your interests really are representing your interests.

News and Updates

Consumer Issues: Unfair Practices
Corporate Behavior
Economy: Government Shutdowns
Environment: Policy
Gov: Presidential Appointments
Gov: The Senate
Gov: The Ways of Congress
Guns: Background Checks
National Emergencies

Issues and Discussions

Shutdown 2018
The 2018-2019 Shutdown

National Emergencies
Everything about National Emergencies

Assault on Regulations
Regulations protect our safety, environment, and workplaces. The cost usually is borne by the companies responsible for creating hazards. Congress is actively working to give these companies more leverage in avoiding meaningful regulations - at the expense of those protections.

IRS Funding
Will affect wait times, fraud prevention, and expose you to identity theft

Washington, DC statehood
An effort is underway to make the residential parts of Washington, DC the nation's 51st state - which would finally give its residents the same representation as other Americans.

ALEC in the Trump White House
Half of Donald Trump's cabinet nominees have strong ties to ALEC - a powerful organization that works to abolish protections that benefit most Americans.

US Postal Service
Can it really not support itself? Should it? What service do you want?

Presidential Appointments
Agencies can't help you much without a head. Here's why it's been so hard to get them.

ALEC (Who is ALEC?)
Many policies from "stand your ground" to privatization of schools and prisons are a coordinated effort by one group

Understanding Senate Filibusters
Why does it take 60 votes for the Senate to pass a bill? How does it affect you?

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