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Russia releases sex worker after silence pledge about Trump
Bill would prevent Trump's ban on transgender troops
Supreme Court paves way for military transgender ban
House to investigate possible Trump money laundering
Stone indictment shows Trump campaign collusion - again
Trump eases sanctions on Russian companies
Migrant children separated more - and earlier
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Airline sues customer for gaming its system
Trump's company hired undocumented workers for years
Trump encourages "Bible literacy" classes in public schools
Trump ends White House press briefings
Conviction for leaving food in desert for migrants
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A contractor estimates the cost of a border wall
You can unpick your friends
Thanksgiving Turkeys

Alternative Fact...

Before President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, road trips for African Americans could be quite difficult.

Restaurants, hotels, and gas stations (including bathrooms) all might refuse to serve them.

The Negro Motorist Green Book was written in 1936 to help - by listing businesses that would serve African Americans.

Click the front cover below to read the 1949 version of the book...

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